Is Yahoo Seeking a New CEO?

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Carol Bartz was named the Yahoo! CEO in 2009. She has been a major part of efforts to change the company’s floundering position, and her voice was likely among the strongest in the decision to partner with Microsoft and sunset a number of less-than-profitable Yahoo! products. But Carol Bartz, according to recent information, may be seeing her own sunset at Yahoo!.

According to major investors and inside experts (who prefer to remain anonymous), confidence in Bartz’s ability to turn the company around is at an all-time low. Major contributing concerns include low growth on core Yahoo! properties, the major snag in Yahoo!’srelationship with Alibaba, staffing and promotion decisions by Bartz (including the promotion of inexperienced Yahoo! Research representative Prabhakar Raghavan to the Chief Strategy Office position), and the low overall financial success of the company.

Investor confidence is low enough that one investor even stated, “Investors have already priced the main Yahoo business to zero.” Others have discussed a shake-up of the board of directors, and even the possibility of giving Yahoo! Chairman Roy Bostock a vote of no confidence in the upcoming Yahoo! shareholders meeting.

Is Bartz aware that she may be replaced? If so, according to insiders, she would only know so because she heard the news through the grapevine, and not because she’s received an official notice. As for who might replace her, Jon Miller of Fox Digital seems to be among the new CEO candidates. According to TechCrunch, Miller has had some “early and unofficial” talks with the board of directors at Yahoo!. Other candidates may include David Kenny, a current Yahoo! board member; Masayoshi Son, the CEO of Softbank; and Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba.

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  • Mahendra Sharma

    Changing CEO may not help. It would have been good if they would have sold it to Microsoft. Though i believe if they bring back Jerry Yang like Apple called back Steve Jobs, that could make some difference. The founders always have something to give back to their foundations. 

  • Anonymous

    Yahoo is most popular for Internet users. I am using yahoo mail and yahoo messenger. I do not heard that Yahoo seeing a new CEO. If it is true than it is a good opportunity for the right candidate. 

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