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Is the Internet Hurting the Earth? [Infographic] #Earthday

Is the Internet Hurting the Earth? [Infographic] #Earthday

This Sunday is Earth Day 2012, when we earthlings devote the entire day to hugging trees and recycling plastic water bottles in retribution for the damage we’ve been inflicting on the planet for centuries.

You probably already know that it’s important to reuse, reduce and recycle. But there’s an anti-green culprit lurking among us – the internet! Our greatest friend and foe. That’s why we created the Earth Day 2012 Infographic to illustrate the environmental impact our internet marketing efforts have on our beloved planet Earth. For example:

  • Just 1 Google search produces the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as driving a car 3 inches
  • 5,100 Google searches produces as much carbon dioxide as 1 cycle of your dishwasher
  • A single spam email produces 0.3 grams of carbon dioxide!

But there’s an upside! Here are some creative ways to use this Earth Day 2012 Infographic:

  • Show this Earth Day infographic to your boss and maybe you can start telecommuting. Come on, it’s for the environment!
  • A reason to be productive—every time you procrastinate by googling pictures of goofy cats or laughing babies, you’re slapping a tree in the face. Trees help you breathe, so show some respect by staying on task.
  • We get one more reason to hate spammers. You may be selling incredible Viagra discounts, but you are also destroying the planet, you monsters!

Click to expand and visit Earth Day 2012 Infographic to get the embed code.

Is the Internet Hurting the Earth? [Infographic] #Earthday

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Larry Kim Chief Executive Officer at Mobile Monkey

Larry Kim is the CEO of Mobile Monkey and founder of WordStream.

Is the Internet Hurting the Earth? [Infographic] #Earthday

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