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Is It Worth Joining RevResponse?

This is a sponsored post.

RevResponse offers a unique way to make money from affiliate marketing. Instead of paying you a commission for every sale generated, the program pays you for every qualifying lead or subscription you refer. As long as the subscribers meet certain criteria, you will receive anywhere from $1.50 to $20 per lead.

The company has been around since 1998. While it has a strong foothold in the industry, RevResponse is always coming up with better ways to help affiliate marketers promote their offers. Recently, the site unveiled three new tools that are designed to improve click-through rates.  These include:

The Offer Lightbox

The lightbox feature allows visitors to download valuable ebooks, white papers, and magazines. This tool lets you add introductory text, pick a color, and narrow your offers by selecting a category. It is important to be specific to increase the probability of generating qualified leads. One of the main strengths of the lightbox is that it takes care of banner blindness. When visitors come to your page, the ads they see are targeted, relevant, and natural-looking on the website.

The Slideout Box

Another way to promote resources to your visitors is the slideout box. It can be placed on the header/footer, sidebar, or within the site copy. The ads are not obtrusive because the design is clean, and it is easily customizable.

The TopBar

The TopBar is a great way to get even more value from your website. It lets you advertise free resources prominently to generate leads. The TopBar also has a social sharing feature that allows visitors to interact with your site through other networks. This tool displays featured offers and can be minimized or maximized, depending on the visitor’s preference.

So should you join RevResponse? Here are the pros and cons:


  • Easy to Implement – Use their Ad Wizard to create the tracking code for your leads.
  • User-Friendly Reporting Interface – The interface offers a straightforward overview of your campaign.
  • Varied Offers – Magazines, white papers, and industry reports are available at no charge.
  • Availability of Co-Branded Website – The co-branded page feature allows you to make RevResponse look like your own website. It immediately creates trust with visitors.
  • Flexibility in Using the Co-Branded Site – Choose where a visitor will be redirected after clicking on an ad. You can also integrate Google Analytics on your site to analyze user behavior.


  • Qualification Criteria Is Not Transparent – To prevent fraudulent leads from receiving payout, RevResponse does not disclose the qualification criteria set by magazine publishers.
  • High Rejection Rate – Since the qualifying criteria are not disclosed, affiliate marketers experience high rejection rates.
  • No Impression Reporting – The program does not currently offer impression reporting for their co-branded pages. Unless you have your own ad server, it can be hard to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Overall, RevResponse is a program that’s worth considering. Your success with the program depends largely on whether they have offers that will fit your niche. Also, it is important to remember that the target market of RevResponse is the B2B audience. If you cater to this niche, then you can expect earnings to shoot through the roof. Check out RevResponse and their blog for more information.

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Is It Worth Joining RevResponse?

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