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Is Google Moving Towards Becoming a Social Search Engine

If the series of tests that Google engineers are doing on their search portal is any indication of what may soon become of the Google Search, then we might be looking at Social-powered Google search engine in the near future. According to Ben Gomes in a post at the Official Google Blog, they are conducting “little experiments” and testing of everything from the barely visible to the glaringly obvious.”

googlesearch_user_ranking-copy.jpgOne of these experiments involves manipulating the search results not by Google’s automated machines but by Google users. In the screenshots provided, the green up and down arrows were being displayed at the end of every search results links. Clicking on those arrows influence future placing of the search results in Google SERPs the next time they are displayed.

Simply put the new feature is pointing towards a more sociallly human-powered search engine. This feature is of course still in experimental stage. But if indeed, Google plans on implementing this in the future, Google should put up something that would prevent the system from getting abused.

Another way to look at this is that Mahalo, Wikia Search and all the other so called human-powered search engine maybe starting to gain some new grounds, and Google is noticing it, hence the testing of the feature.

Other experimentation which the Google engineers are doing on Google Search includes something about how some Google SERP elements are being displayed. These according to Google pertains to how the search engine treats relevant search results it displays.

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Is Google Moving Towards Becoming a Social Search Engine

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