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IRS & TurboTax Top AOL Last Minute Tax Searches

IRS & TurboTax Top AOL Last Minute Tax Searches

Saturday will be April 15th and Tax Day for the hundreds of millions of Americans who aren’t filing for an extension this year. AOL Search, capitalizing on the tendancy of their users to wait until the last minute (like myself on a very many occassions) to being planning for the filing of their Income Taxes, has released their top tax related searches on AOL Search last week.

There are typically two big spikes for tax-related searches each year — first is the last week in January when employees first receive their W2’s, the second spike is during the week of April 15 as the deadline looms.

Searches for the IRS’s website,, have consistently landed the site as the most-searched tax term for the past month. In just the past week, the site saw a 22% increase in searches. Other terms that saw large search increases over the past week include tax forms (which increased by 41%), ‘1040 tax form’ (39%) and ‘e-file’ (26%).

The top tax-related searches on AOL Search last week were:

2. IRS
3. TurboTax
4. IRS Tax Forms
5. H & R Block
6. Tax Forms
7. New York State Taxes
8. Taxes
9. e-File
10. IRS e-File

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IRS & TurboTax Top AOL Last Minute Tax Searches

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