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Iran Election Tops Twitter Trends 2009

After Hitwise’s Top Search Term and Top Visited of 2009, it’s now Twitter’s turn to release its Top Twitter Trends of 2009. Since Twitter is considered as the major source of real-time and up-to-date information, its trending topics would enable us to understand what was happening around the world as well as show us how people everywere can be united in their concern for what is happening in the world.

This year’s most popular topic on Twitter is the Iranian elections. This topic were the most used keywords, hashtags and phrase and have proliferated on Twitter’s public timeline all throughout the year. Aside from the hashtag #iranelection, topics suc as Iran and Tehran were also considered when #iranelection were deemed the top trending topic on Twitter.

Other topics which made it to the top include Michael Jackson for people-related topics, Harry Potter for movies, American Idol for TV Shows, Super Bowl for Sports, Google Wave for Technology (woot!), and #musicmonday for hashtags.

And here is the complete list of Top Trending Topics on Twitter in 2009:

News Events
1. #iranelection
2. Swine Flu
3. Gaza
4. Iran
5. Tehran
6. #swineflu
7. AIG
8. #uksnow
9. Earth Hour
10. #inaug09

1. Michael Jackson
2. Susan Boyle
3. Adam Lambert
4. Kobe (Bryant)
5. Chris Brown
6. Chuck Norris
7. Joe Wilson
8. Tiger Woods
9. Christian Bale
10. A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez)

1. Harry Potter
2. New Moon
3. District 9
4. Paranormal Activity
5. Star Trek
6. True Blood
7. Transformers 2
8. Watchmen
9. Slumdog Millionaire
10. G.I. Joe

TV Shows
1. American Idol
2. Glee
3. Teen Choice Awards
4. SNL (Saturday Night Live)
5. Dollhouse
6. Grey’s Anatomy
7. VMAS (Video Music Awards)
8. #bsg (Battlestar Galatica)
9. BET Awards
10. Lost

Sports (Teams, Events, Leagues)
1. Super Bowl
2. Lakers
3. Wimbledon
4. Cavs (Cleveland Cavaliers)
5. Superbowl
6. Chelsea
7. NFL
8. UFC 100
9. Yankees
10. Liverpool

1. Google Wave
2. Snow Leopard
3. Tweetdeck
4. Windows 7
5. CES
6. Palm Pre
7. Google Latitude
8. #E3
9. #amazonfail
10. Macworld

Hash Tags
1. #musicmonday
2. #iranelection
3. #sxsw
4. #swineflu
5. #nevertrust
6. #mm
7. #rememberwhen
8. #3drunkwords
9. #unacceptable
10. #iwish

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Iran Election Tops Twitter Trends 2009

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