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iPod Introduces 1 GB Nano, Slashes Prices

iPod Introduces 1 GB Nano, Slashes Prices

iPod Introduces 1 GB Nano, Slashes Prices

I received an iPod Nano for Christmas and it quickly became my new best friend, quickly introducing me to the exciting world of Apple iTunes. On top of adding music downloading to my life and branding me as an Apple winover with those white stringy headphones, my iPod Nano has also cut down on the perceived distance of train commutes and has added to the efficiency of my workout routines.

If Yahoo is the Life Engine of Search, iPod is a ticket to a new lifestyle in itself.. even beyond the social change brought about by the Sony Walkman in the 1980’s. It’s also dang impressive to have my Japanese friends in aww over the miniature size of the Nano (especially when the see it in my Banana Hands).

Apple’s new release of a discounted 1-Gigabyte iPod Nano however has the potential to blow away even the non-believers of Mp3 players and iPods – you know, those people who can still hear.

Priced at $149, the new 1-Gigabyte iPod Nano should take off in smaller income markets and with younger age groups. iPod is also dropping the price of their current 512 MB and 1 GB iPod shuffles (shuffles kinda play music randomly, with no real control screen) to $69 and $99.

This now gives iPod three Nano offerings which include the 2 GB and 4 GB players which can fit more of your music library into their memory.

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iPod Introduces 1 GB Nano, Slashes Prices

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