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Internet Marketing Statistics You Can’t Ignore [Infographic]

Internet Marketing Statistics You Can’t Ignore  [Infographic]

It doesn’t matter if you are a big business that has a global audience or a small local business, you can still benefit from online marketing. As a matter of fact, digital marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors today. Why is that? Let’s look at a few reasons:

  • Only 18% of TV ad campaigns generate a positive ROI
  • Newspapers are facing circulation declines
  • Not many people listen to the “Radio” now unless it’s their own station on Pandora
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If you’re still not convinced you need to get online, get social and get mobile then you need to check out this infographic. Here you will find a few more good reasons to invest in a digital marketing strategy.

Why You Can


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Bernadette Coleman

Bernadette Coleman is the CEO of Advice Local, an award winning technology and Inc 500 digital agency. Bernadette is passionate ... [Read full bio]

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