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Internet Explorer 7 Blocking Google AdSense?

Internet Explorer 7 Blocking Google AdSense?

Nathan at InsideGoogle says that his Internet Explorer 7 beta is blocking Google AdSense and Chitika contextual advertisements from being served. Google AdSense is the life and blood of many in the web publishing and development community and site owners, as well as Google, will not be happy to hear about this bug.

Nathan writes :

There is one possibility: that IE7’s new security features block AdSense by decision, some security default that blocks certain types of JavaScript, something that would force Google to alter the way Google serves AdSense ads just to avoid losing a large percentage of the two billion a year AdSense pulls in.

I wonder what other methods you could serve ads by? Maybe installing some code on your server that processes the ads locally and serves them as local JavaScript? I guess it all depends on what is causing the bug, and whether the IE team is willing to write an exception.

Microsoft’s Robert Scoble did pipe up in Nathan’s comments to lend explanation to the problem:

This is NOT intentional behavior. The IE 7 team is working on this as we speak. Remember, this isn’t even a full beta. It’s an inbetween test release so that we can find things like this that don’t work right.

The Google AdSense PR team also added some extra insight:

IE7 disables javascript with the security setting on “high”, which would not allow AdSense ads to show along with numerous features of most websites. IE6 works exactly the same and the phenomenon is definitely not specific to Google AdSense. It is likely that whomever did the test had their security setting on “high”. However, this is not the default setting and we believe most users would not have a good experience on the web having javascript blocked.

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Internet Explorer 7 Blocking Google AdSense?

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