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Integrating Search into Other Marketing – From Search Engine Strategies

Integrating Search into Other Marketing – From Search Engine Strategies

Integrating Search into Other Marketing – From Search Engine Strategies

Chris Copeland from Outrider kicked off the session by incorporating this basic ideology into the integration of a search engine marketing campaign into the whole Direct Marketing plan of a client by learning to “begin to speak the same language and incorporate the value of search to all aspects of the organizations marketing process.”

Copeland identified Challenges to Gaining Buy Into Direct Marketing Companies. Why should a company care about integrating search? Consistent interaction with their audience while leveraging the multitude of opportunities.

Reasons that a company may be against integrating search include lack of time, lack of understanding, no desire to share budget, no desire to share spotlight with other marketing activities and search being too much effort.

MultiChannel Effect- researching online, researching offline, using TV, Internet, Shopping off and online, multi-channel customers are more profitable than single channel customers, 65% of online consumers have research a product online and purchased that product offline.

Mulitchannel shoppers report that convenience, desire to see the product and price are the primary reasons they purchase offline.

Keys to Success with Search and Direct Marketing

+ Use preexisting relationships to strengthen search efforts

+ Use offline relationships to strengthen online – Nascar events in Best Western pages

+ Consistent message- message differences in search due to size and brand limitations

+ Essential to look the same, keep phone numbers and direct response in line with search, tie measurements back in together, measurable on same platform

+ Talk the same language, Offline spending done in GRP (Gross Rating Points), people gather their data from hundreds of placements, must be done over hundreds of different channels, online dayparting, daytime is a huge online advertising opportunity, at work opportunity, ultimately have the right times of day to interact with consumers via search

+ Push branding in Search – SEARS in paid link title tags

+ One million searches done on superbowl commercials, only a hand full of Superbow Advertisers actually ran a search campaign to accompany their TV reach

Andy Beal of and SearchEngineLowdown, search engine marketing is a vital component of any traditional marketing campaign. Targeted customer does not always act immediately to offline marketing (mail, radio, TV). They may forget the name of the company, but remember the product or service. Search is a low cost safety net. The cost of a search campaign is much more effective as 27% of retail sales are incfluencedinfluenced by online research.

Andy suggested to identify the messages in traditional marketing initiatives and implement them into Search Engine Marketing. Match SEM campaign to existing offline marketing efforts. Identify buzzwords, slogans, product message, put those into search campaign.

Launching a new product? Match with the needs of that product.

+ Map Future Campaigns

Six to 2 month marketing campaign. What PR, TV, Newspaper. Identify seasonal campaigns and map out over calendar.

Set up the campaign 1 to 2 days before start of offline campaigns.

+ Match traditional to SEM

What have you learned about search and applying it into offline. Put simple buzzwords learned from search into offline initiatives. So when people see the commercial, you can guide what they search for.

Keyword frequency data and how they boost products. Put together a campaign around specific search terms.

Lowes puts all offline/direct mail flyers online – HTML/PDF versions (HTML much better).

Utilize local search for specific markets.

+ Matching Compeitors Camapigns

Use sponsored ads to get a jump if you have no organic search in place or TV ad out in time. Example – CocaCola did no SEM for C2 mid-calorie cola, Pepsi could have jumped on it.

Read competitors catalogs, emails, need to understand what they are putting out.

+ Case Study Example: Expert Satellite

Expert Satellite launched a Direct Mail campaign which KeywordRanking strategized the Search Engine Marketing campaign around.

+ Identified high search geographic areas (where have cable recently upped their prices and created a demand for Satellite which triggered the client to target that area via Direct Mail)

+ Plan SEM around the researchers and “can’t remembers”.

+ Created targeted landing pages to specific area, matching flyer, local competitive comparison.

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Integrating Search into Other Marketing – From Search Engine Strategies

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