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Instant Messaging On Rise at Work and Mobile

Instant Messaging On Rise at Work and Mobile

Instant Message use in the workplace and on mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) is on the rise, according to a new survey from America Online Inc. The second annual survey on instant messaging use in America, released today by the world’s leading interactive services company, found instant messaging has gone mainstream, with preferences and habits as unique and diverse as its users.

The AOL study showed that nearly all surveyed teens and young adults (90 percent) engage in instant messaging, but IM is not the teen phenomenon it was once considered. An amazing 48 percent of those aged 55+ now use instant messaging, with photo sharing their favorite feature. Seven out of ten 22 – 34 year-olds and 55 percent of adults aged 35 – 54 use IM at home, at work or on any number of mobile devices.

Watch out employers, at-work use is gaining momentum with 27 percent of all IM users saying they use IM in the workplace – a 71 percent increase over last year. Fully 43 percent of employed IM users say they use desktop IM to communicate quickly in the workplace.

Mobile messaging is also on the rise – nineteen percent of IM users now send IMs or SMS text messages from mobile phones and PDAs, as compared with ten percent that did so last year. Thirty-two percent of these mobile messengers say they stay in touch with co-workers via mobile IM or SMS text messages while on business travel.

The study “reveals that instant messaging has become part of the fabric of our daily lives, enabling all the roles we play from student to best friend, and from parent to busy professional,” said Edmund Fish, senior vice president and general manager, Desktop Messaging, America Online. “It’s clear that instant messaging has now gone mainstream; it’s helping people do everything from spark new relationships to increase their productivity at work. We at AOL are extremely pleased to provide people everywhere with IM services that are reliable, easy to use and connected to a thriving global community.”

Nationwide and around the world, instant messaging use is growing, with more than 7 billion(1) instant messages being sent every day worldwide, according to IDC. comScore Media Metrix(2) reports that there are 250 million people across the globe – and nearly 80 million Americans – who regularly use instant messaging as a quick and convenient communications tool.

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Instant Messaging On Rise at Work and Mobile

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