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Instagram Now Searchable On Desktop

Instagram Now Searchable On Desktop

Instagram announced today that its bringing the search functionality of its mobile app to desktop.

Starting today you’ll see a search bar when you’re logged in to the Instagram home page. Using the search bar you can search for location tags, hashtags, and other accounts all at once.

When you click on either a hashtag or location tag result you’ll be brought to a search results screen featuring top posts and most recent posts.

Top posts are images or videos with the most likes and comments, which are shown immediately above the most recent posts for most search results.

Instagram is slowly becoming more desktop friendly. The once mobile-only photo sharing app now allows desktop to do almost everything except actually upload photos and videos.

While you can’t go as far as to publish content on desktop, it’s now easier than ever to search for and engage with Instagram content while away from your mobile device.

Image Credit: Evan Lorne /

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