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Instagram Lets Users Re-Share Posts in Stories

Instagram recently rolled out the ability for users to re-share posts from other accounts in their Instagram Stories.

This feature was spotted in testing earlier this year, and it is now available to everyone.

To re-share someone’s post in the form of a Story, tap on the paper plane icon that appears next to the like and comment icons.

From there, users will have the option to either share the post via DM with people they follow, and directly at the top there will be an option to add the post to their story.

When a post is shared in a story, the account that originally published the post is automatically tagged. Users can also add additional content similar to editing any other story. This could include text, GIFs, stickers, or drawings.

Re-sharing can only be done with posts from public Instagram accounts. So if you don’t see the option to share a particular post in your story, it’s likely that it was published by a private account.

To many users’s disappointment, there is still no built-in method for re-sharing posts in the actual Instagram feed. In order to accomplish that, users will have to continue using various third-party apps.

Re-sharing posts in Stories in the next best thing, I suppose, and now all users on Android and iOS will have the option to do so.

Instagram seem to be building on its Stories feature more so than anything else as of late, and this is just one more example of that.

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Instagram Lets Users Re-Share Posts in Stories

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