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Instagram is Testing an “Order” Sticker for Stories

Instagram is Testing an “Order” Sticker for Stories

Instagram has been spotted testing “order” stickers in stories, which may indicate it’s working on new ways to complete transactions.

Matt Navarra spotted the sticker in his Instagram app and shared a screenshot on Twitter.

It’s unclear what functionality this sticker might offer.

Instagram has been rapidly expanding its shopping capabilities as of late. However, shopping in stories has been available since last year.

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What else could Instagram allow people to order from stories?

My first thought is that an “order” sticker may lend itself well to selling tickets to events.

Instagram stories are a popular channel for promoting upcoming events, so it would be fitting to let users order tickets from stories.

However, that would probably be a logistical nightmare compared to selling products.

In any case, it’s important to note that Instagram hasn’t officially acknowledged that it’s rolling out an “order” sticker.

So until Instagram makes an announcement, I can’t confirm any details beyond what is shown in the screenshots.

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For what it’s worth, Matt Navarra has been the first to spot several unannounced features from Facebook and Instagram in the past.


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