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Instagram is Encouraging More Content Creation But Offers No Added Incentive

Instagram is Encouraging More Content Creation But Offers No Added Incentive

Instagram has launched an account dedicated to encouraging creators to publish more and longer content.

The new @creators account publishes tips & tricks, and is sort of a liaison between Instagram and its most dedicated users.

Other Instagram creators are featured in the @creators account and they walk people through various aspects of the platform while offering advanced tactics for producing more engaging content.

The focus of the account may evolve over time, but currently there is a strong emphasis on creating IGTV content. The most notable aspect of IGTV is that it allows users to publish content longer than one minute in length.

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Where’s the Incentive for Creators?

This all seems very helpful, however, Instagram still has yet to introduce any incentive whatsoever for creators to work harder than they already are.

Unlike YouTube, which lets popular creators earn money directly from video views, the only option for Instagram users to earn money is through third-party sponsorships.

In other words – Instagram wants more content but apparently doesn’t want to pay for it. The only thing Instagram is offering is exposure in the form of potentially being featured on the @creators account.

Justin Antony, head of content and creator partnerships at Instagram, stated earlier this year that monetizing IGTV is a priority for the company, but the platform isn’t ready for it yet.

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Problems With Content for the Sake of Content

Creating content for the sake of creating content raises a whole slew of concerns, not the least of which is possibility of creator burnout taking a toll on mental health.

Until such time as Instagram is legitimately rewarding creators for producing more/better/longer content, then perhaps the @creators account would better serve the community as a help page of sorts.

Kind of like how Google’s @SearchLiaison Twitter account exists to communicate important updates and answer webmaster questions. It’s not out there pushing site owners to publish more content for Google’s search index.

If nothing else, perhaps Instagram’s @creators account will start mort conversations around monetizing content, which may then lead to progress in that area.


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