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Instagram Improves Direct Messaging With Threaded Convos and Enhanced Emojis

Instagram Improves Direct Messaging With Threaded Convos and Enhanced Emojis

Instagram has announced a set of improvements to its direct messaging feature, which included threaded conversations and enhanced emojis

Instagram Direct has garnered 85 million monthly users since launching in 2013, but the service was never on par with direct messaging offered by competitors like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Today, Instagram is introducing much needed threaded conversations. That means you don’t have to create a new conversation with someone every time you want to DM them a new photo.

Now you can just drop in a photo as though you were sending a text message and keep the conversation going. In addition, Direct now has a quick camera feature for replying with a selfie, and there is a new ability for sending gigantic emojis.

An update to the main feed will allow you to send content from your timeline as a direct message. This feature was inspired by the growing trend of users tagging other users in comments as a way to share a photo with them.

According to the company, nearly 40% of comments include an @-mention. Users can now share content directly with others by tapping on the new arrow that appears next to the like and comment buttons. This will allow you to share the post as a DM.

These updates to Instagram are now available on both iOS and Android.

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