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Instagram Chief Lists Top 3 Priorities For 2023

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, shares his three-part vision for the evolution of Instagram over the coming year.

Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri lists his top priorities for 2023, which focus on amplifying content distribution and making new connections.

At the beginning of last year, Mosseri said Instagram’s priorities would be working on video, messaging, transparency and control, and helping creators make a living.

Mosseri believes Instagram made a lot of progress on those goals but admits there were some false starts.

There’s little doubt Mosseri is referring to the full-screen redesign launched in the summer, which received so much backlash that Instagram reverted to the old interface.

As the company looks toward 2023, Mosseri’s vision for the year ahead is about bringing people together over the things they love.

To do that, Instagram is going to focus on three things:

  • Inspiring creativity
  • Discovering new things
  • Sparking connections

Instagram hit a new milestone last year, exceeding two billion monthly active users. That means the company has even more responsibility to deliver for everyone who uses Instagram daily.

Here’s more about how Mosseri plans to accomplish these three goals.

1. Inspiring Creativity

Instagram will always unite people through their shared interests, which is one thing that will never change. While Instagram’s methods may evolve as technology advances, the core concept of bringing people together through shared interests will not.

In 2023, Instagram will continue to focus on inspiring people to be creative, which is the idea on which Instagram was born.

2. Discovering New Things

Instagram will keep assisting users in finding fresh content. And no, that doesn’t only refer to videos.

Instagram’s plans to focus more on videos are well known. Still, Mosseri reaffirms the company’s dedication to helping people find images, recommended content from people they don’t follow, and content creators outside their network.

“Instagram should be a place where you discover amazing things every time you use it,” Mosseri says.

3. Sparking Connections

Instagram wants to encourage connections between users through the content they find on the app.

The company plans to focus on this aspect to stand out from other social media platforms and promote interactive, conversation-starting experiences rather than passive consumption.

Creators Aren’t Happy With The State Of Instagram

Instagram has a lot of work ahead this year to satisfy creators.

The comments under Mosseri’s announcement indicate that users aren’t happy with how the algorithm distributes content.

Creators say their growth has slowed to a halt, unable to reach new audiences no matter how hard they try to adapt to Instagram’s video push.

On the other hand, everyday users aren’t seeing enough of the content they go to Instagram for. They complain about seeing more content from people outside their network than they do from friends and family.

Instagram needs to act fast to remedy these issues before people find an alternative that meets their needs.


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Instagram Chief Lists Top 3 Priorities For 2023

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