How to Thrill Google Hummingbird: The SEO’s Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

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When the Hummingbird Update was announced, the SEO team at Link-Assistant.Com sat down for a late-evening brainstorming session.

We carefully considered all official statements Google made about the algorithm change and, 10 coffees later, a plan for adjusting our SEO strategy to the new Google’s game rules was born.

This infographic is a summary of that plan. We included the parts of the recipe that could be applied to a wide range of businesses. Enjoy!

How to Thrill Google Hummingbird

Have your own recipe for how to succeed in Hummingbird-ruled search results? Thrill us – share your insight in comments!

Alesia Krush

Alesia Krush

Alesia is an SEO and a digital marketer at Link-Assistant.Com, a major SEO software provider and the maker of SEO PowerSuite tools. Link-Assistant.Com is a... Read Full Bio
Alesia Krush
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