How to Thrill Google Hummingbird: The SEO’s Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

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When the Hummingbird Update was announced, the SEO team at Link-Assistant.Com sat down for a late-evening brainstorming session.

We carefully considered all official statements Google made about the algorithm change and, 10 coffees later, a plan for adjusting our SEO strategy to the new Google’s game rules was born.

This infographic is a summary of that plan. We included the parts of the recipe that could be applied to a wide range of businesses. Enjoy!

How to Thrill Google Hummingbird

Have your own recipe for how to succeed in Hummingbird-ruled search results? Thrill us – share your insight in comments!

Alesia Krush

Alesia Krush

Alesia is an SEO and a digital marketer at Link-Assistant.Com, a major SEO software provider and the maker of SEO PowerSuite tools. Link-Assistant.Com is a... Read Full Bio
Alesia Krush
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  • James Halloran

    Thanks, Aleshia! That was by far the most informative (and understandable) infographic I’ve seen about Hummingbird so far! Thanks for sharing!

    I mostly liked your pointers on using synonyms in keyword search. It’s just one way to show how Hummingbird is expanding our understanding of search as we (used to) know it.

  • Ron

    Great Content. As a business owner i find myself leaning towards the day first page of Google will all be PPC. Maybe its time to look into Bing?


    Ron Carter
    Evolve Hair Clinic

  • Stuart Morris

    Nice graphic Alesia,
    Not sure we can feed all the Animals in the Google Zoo but certainly knowing what they like to eat makes it a lot easier.

  • Cyrel Nicolas

    Thanks for this information-rich content. Truly your inforgraphic delivers the most important things about hummingbird.

  • Souvik mallick

    Thanks Alesia for the infographics. This the best infographics i have seen so far on hummingbird. Glad to know the third point about getting mentioned alongside competitors playing a good role in Hummingbird update.

  • Avinash

    Nice post to tackle against Google’s Hummingbird update.

  • Sana Hum Tv

    Very nice and deep post about Google Hummingbird. As of now, I have already applied for Google Authorship for my blog which will help to rank better in search engines. I am already following some of you tips for getting better rank in search engines. I have learned many things from your post. I will wait for your next sign in….

  • souleye

    I think we should stop worrying about google. google is not really interested in organic search as it cannot make any money from it. yet it needs to keep us breathless so it can be top of mind. if you provide great content and know how to promote it through the various channels I believe that you’ll be alright.

  • John Monahan

    Sweet infographic! Way to distill a lot of information.

    These days SEO seems much tougher to do if you’re trying to “game the system”. I think Google has done a good job of punishing the spammier sites and making it ore about having good, relevant content that people like.

    After all, Googles main business still revolves around people being able to quickly find what they’re looking for.

  • Raviraj

    This is truly an awesome research on Humming Bird. There were lots of confusion going about the Humming Bird update. This Info-graphic clears all the doubt.

    Thanks Alesia for the wonderful Info-graph

  • Weng Jauod

    I appreciate your effort to create this very simple infographic about Hummingbird. Hummingbird indeed defines the future of search. The importance of long tail /relevant keywords is highlighted in this update.

  • Paul

    Great points about Google Hummingbird update. I’ve noticed for a long time that LSI and the surrounding context is far more important than targeting specific keywords. It is harder than ever to target specific keywords. Focus on building relevant content and you have a better chance of ranking as Google looks at the bigger picture.

    Here is another good articles I found on Hummingbird…

    You will notice that the top ranked pages for a keyword often don’t even include the “target keword” in question. This is LSI at play and an indication of where Google is moving towards with this.

  • Sutradhar

    hi Alesia Krush ! I’m sure , a reader, who was puzzled to understand the Google hummingbird, will feel thrill after reading your clean indications of Hum-SEO in this infographic ! Particularly, how/where/what should be done/nurtured the keywords on the aspect of new algorithm Hummingbird is very crucial question now on going search of the SEO readers. I’m one of them got a nice a guide. Thanks a lot.

  • Avinash Kumar

    Great article to know about Google Hummingbird Algorithm