Infographic: Local Search Ranking Factors 2013

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The local search ranking algorithm can seem like a mystery at times. There are so many factors that are involved leaving many local marketers to wonder which elements are the most important to focus on. Is it the completeness of the Google Places profile? Or maybe it’s all about citations and reviews. Does the proximity of the business to the center of a city come into play?How about the relevancy of information across 2nd and 3rd tier local search engines? Truth is that it is these and many more factors!
Earlier this month, David Mihm and Moz updated their annual survey of local search ranking factors which is based on the wisdom and experience of a variety of local search marketing professionals. The original report is concise and includes things such as general ranking factors, specific ranking factors and negative ranking factors. Want to get a quick visual of what factors are more important than others? Fortunately, the folks at Doublespark have created the following infographic which illustrates the results.

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Local Search Ranking Factors 2013

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  • Tara West

    Awesome to see SEOs saying link sentiment is a fairly influential factor within rankings for local search (even if it is the least influential on the list!). I think sentiment is going to take even more importance in the future, particularly within local search.

  • Linda Buquet

    Hi David,

    David Mihm and Moz did a great job on the Local Search Ranking Factors this year. It’s always fun for me to be a contributor and really forces me to think about how the local ranking puzzle really works.

    Nice infographic but I’m confused… The title and text content is all about Local SEO. But the infographic isn’t. It’s purely about organic. So it seems the 2 don’t really go together. I mean I understand the important part the organic plays in the local blended algo. But you talk about local factors and then in the infographic there are none.

    Oh I see, at bottom of infographic it’s related to Moz/rankingfactors2013, not Moz/localrankingfactors. Maybe wrong infographic???

    • David Wallace

      Linda, good catch. I totally missed this. I guess I posted this so fast after Moz did release the Local Ranking Factors that I failed to see that this infographic is related to SEO! Proves that I am just doing too many things at once. Maybe John will edit this (or allow me to edit title and description) to better match infographic. Thanks for catching this. Glad to know someone is paying attention. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Linda Buquet

        Hey David. Ya, if it’s local I pay attention these days. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        But no worries on doing it. I fly around making so many posts and doing too much multi-tasking – I’ve done similar things more times than I care to admit.