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.info Domains are Not Worthless!

.info Domains are Not Worthless!

While domain names with the TLD .info are highly associated with spam because of their low costs, the domains are not worthless or always associated with spam (I heard this about 10 times at SES NY).

Although there are many spam sites using .info, there are many other exceptions.

Before Aaron Wall launched SEObook, his main site was and still is

The site still ranks #2 on Google for Search Marketing; above SEMPO and above Search Marketing Standard.

And before you say “It’s only an exception because it’s Aaron Wall’s!”; think again. When Aaron launched this site he was not the Aaron Wall he is today. His budget was limited and what it took to get this site running was smarts, interviews and intellectual articles which attracted natural links to the site.

I do not believe that .info sites are guilty by association. I would never buy one, but do believe that Aaron’s site and many others to come will still be exceptions.

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Loren Baker

Founder at Foundation Digital

Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing ...

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