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Indeed Job Search Launching Job Analytics for Employers

The verticalization of search has made its way into the analytics market, as, the search engine for jobs, has announced the launching of Indeed Job Analytics.

Indeed Job Analytics reports are customized for each company and will answers many questions commonly asked by employers, that normal off the shelf analytics may not, such as:

  • How many jobs do I have online?
  • How much traffic are they receiving?
  • What searches do job seekers use to find them?
  • What are my most popular jobs?
  • In what cities are they based? enjoys more than seven million unique visitors per month and thousands of job sites are included in Indeed’s search results. says that Job Analytics provides employers with an unprecedented look at where their jobs are posted and how they are performing online.

Indeed Job Analytics provides unique insight into which jobs are receiving the most clicks, how candidates are finding their jobs and where they are located, enabling employers to make better decisions about their job postings and recruitment advertising.

“The idea for Job Analytics originated from employers requesting more information about their jobs,” said Paul Forster, CEO of Indeed. “We expect our customized reports to become an essential tool for recruiting leaders to manage their recruitment advertising campaigns.”

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Indeed Job Search Launching Job Analytics for Employers

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