Increase Facebook Interaction Wall Post Cheat Sheet

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With many Facebook marketing campaigns, while content is king, success is oftentimes dependent on  the details of the execution itself. Besides knowing what kind of content works best, the question comes up of how to get more likes, shares and even comments. In other words, how does one go about getting the most interaction on Facebook for any specific piece of content?

LinchpinSEO attempts to answer this all-important question with their “Facebook Wall Post Cheat Sheet.” Herein lies useful information about which types of content work best, how to get more likes, shares and comments, and even how to use emoticons to get the most out of wall posts.

Increase Facebook Interaction Wall Post Cheat Sheet

David Wallace
David Wallace, co-founder and CEO of SearchRank, is a recognized expert in the industry of search and social media marketing. Since 1997, David has been... Read Full Bio
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  • Keyword Name Removed

    David this is very nice infographic. In our own research we realized that photo posts receive over 50% of interactions in comparison to textual posts. And it works the best when text is embedded above the image in addition to superimposed text over image.

  • Amber Waltemate

    Great info! Considering that about 90% of my business begins with a Facebook post. I am a true believer in relationship marketing and Facebook creates a worldly view of that!

    • Sheli

      I’ve been told this is because posts with photos show up more often in feeds, which triggers more interaction >> continuous cycle.

  • Rously Dav

    We must make the facebook page somewhat interesting.. which is also good in promoting site by building high quality link and drive more traffic to be ranked highly in googlepage rank.. Nice tips to make it interesting. Thanks

  • Adam Samuels

    I enjoyed reading this post and I’m sure this will bring me luck on social media as don’t seem to attract the right people .

    I wish you all the success in this blog

    All the best

  • Laura Bowley

    Great infographic. This one is a keeper.

    I have to say though that the typo right near the top detracts from your graphic’s professionalism (interation rate). As an editor, I really wish people would take the time to have their material read before publishing it. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be correct. 🙁

    And now I seriously hope there are no typos in this comment….

  • Jim Rimus

    Great infograph! Love to see strategies built after data rather than using a shotgun approach..

  • mary

    That is totally nice infographic!

  • Tina

    I was very surprised about the increased interactions for emoticons. I find emoticons a little unprofessional for businesses. I feel as though emoticons should only be used on Twitter and text message. Thank you for the tips.