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Increase Domain Specific Results in Google

Increase Domain Specific Results in Google

Getting limited amounts of site specific results when doing Google searches? Seems that Google’s tiny results are the result of a ‘bug’ in the user preferences.

If your preferences are set to ‘Search only for pages written in these language(s): English’ then Google will serve limited results from pages it deems are in English.

Change preferences to Search Language : Search for pages written in any language (Recommended) and Google will supply more pages in domain specific searches.

Nintendo (Jesse from Webmaster-HQ aka. Nintendo in the forums) posts on Threadwatch:

If you’ve had tiny results when you search for since May-July, you might be able to change that. To find out if you can, first make a search in Then do the same thing at any datacenter, for example

If shows tiny results like in the hundreds, and the datacenter has a huge number in the thousands…or millions, you can change the results on

It’s not site: that’s messed up, it’s Google having trouble with the preferences. Go to….

This is why shows tiny results on and high results in datacenters! Because our search preferences are only set on a cookie. Google doesn’t need to fix site: but needs to relearn what English is. If there is anything wrong with the site: results…the number is way too big!!!

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Increase Domain Specific Results in Google

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