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#In2013YouBetterNot Disturb Sleeping Pandas [Thursday Twitter Funatron]

Google Pandas are evil.

2013 is 25 days away. 25. The countdown is near, and we all look ahead, with hope. All industries are looking at 2012 in retrospect: what changed, what went wrong, what could we do better. These are the fundamentals of a vast range of predictions for 2013 – mere projections of truth, according to what we would like to happen (or to change from the past), rather than relying on reality. And yet, we all love predictions, so much, that we turn them into social media trends. Twitter is now hot with things you’d better not do in 2013. Our first tip? Don’t disturb sleeping Pandas. They are aggressive Google creatures.

Google Pandas are evil.

#In2013YouBetterNot Do These SEO Blunders

#In2013YouBetterNot Be an SEO Freak. Have Some Fun, for Pete’s Sake

Now let’s get serious (!)… these are the Twitter SEO and not so much SEO (fun) tips of #In2013YouBetterNot things. Are you ready?

One from a fake Miley Cyrus (nota bene, a fake star is using a Twitter trend… what are you waiting for?)

So now you know it: in 2013 it’s a choice to be stupid, you can brandjack all you want and get away with it, and the world will go on undisturbed. See you next Thursday at the Twitter Funatron. Shall I make a #hashtag out of that? It shall be my 2013 Twitter resolution.

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#In2013YouBetterNot Disturb Sleeping Pandas [Thursday Twitter Funatron]

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