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IM Spring Break Tickets On Sale : April Search Marketing Conference

I am very happy to announce that registration for IM Spring Break has opened. Taking place April 2-4 in Deerfield Beach, FL, IM Spring Break will have a limited number of tickets available for sale, starting with 200 tickets which are going on sale today. The event will be focused on small group learning and offering advanced networking opportunities as well as showcase some of the most well known marketing experts in the search, affiliate and social media marketing industries.

If you had the chance to attend Scary SEO, or know anyone who did, you may have heard that Scary SEO was one of the top Internet Marketing events of the year.

IM Spring Break will build upon the ideas behind Scary SEO, giving attendees the chance to mix knowledge sharing, learning and networking within an intimate themed conference setting. We have gathered some of the best minds in Internet Marketing and have the chance to offer attendees a workshop style learning environment for an affordable price. IM Spring Break, which is put on and will be moderated by and its co-founders Dave Snyder, Jordan Kasteler and myself, will be EPIC.

  • IM Spring Break, although only $500 per ticket, offers a content selection that rivals many of the larger conferences. There will be three area specific days of training: search marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate & PPC marketing.
  • Confirmed speakers for IM Spring Break include Chris Winfield of 10e20, Todd Mailcoat aka Stuntdubl, Brent Csutoras, David Szetela, Carolyn Shelby of SEO 101, Pamela Lund, Brian Chappell and more. Well known affiliate marketer Rae Hoffman (SugarRae) will be offering a full NDA session at the event as well.
  • IM Spring Break will also offer themed networking events such as a fully catered and DJ’d BBQ Pool Party, Sponsor “Speed Dating”, a Poker Tournament and an IM Charity event.

“With the success of Scary SEO in October we saw the Internet Marketing communities desire for smaller, more affordable conference experiences. IM Spring Break is a continuation of this concept,” stated Co-Founder David Snyder.

Information and updates on IM Spring Break will be available on the IM Spring Break Events Page .

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IM Spring Break Tickets On Sale : April Search Marketing Conference

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