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5 Days Left to Attend IM Spring Break for only $500

IM Spring Break, the 3 day SEO, search marketing and affiliate marketing event, will be held from April 2nd thru April 4th. The conference and lineup will be chocked full of amazing speakers, panels and networking sessions which will prove to be an incredible return on investment for only $500.

Due to the current economic situation, the IM Spring Break team has put together the mission of developing a conference with no fluff, incredible value, and direct tips and communication with our panel speakers and moderators. Everyone at IM Spring Break will have a chance to ask a question or share information with our team, and each other.

Here’s what you will get for your $500 investment in IM Spring Break:

  • 3 days of the top search and affiliate marketers sharing their SEO, link building and PPC tactics with you.
  • 3 days of top quality catered breakfast & lunch, along with a pizza party AND Friday night BBQ party : so you won’t have to spend very much on good food, or have to stand in line for 15 minutes just for a coffee.
  • 2 open bar events for loose and friendly networking with our speakers, sponsors and attendees. Did somebody say 2 days of OPEN BAR?!?
  • We’re only 5 minutes from the beach and it will be about 85 degrees in Florida 🙂
  • SEO, link building, paid search and affiliate tips that will end up making your company much more than your $500 investment
  • Hotel rooms for only $119 a night ($60 a night if you split with a friend)
  • All kinds of free t-shirts and schwag from sponsors and friends.
  • Coverage of your company on SEJ, IMBroadcast and Twitter!
  • Again, 3 days of the top experts in SEO, linking, affiliate and PPC marketing sharing their secrets and tactics with you in a small and casual setting.

IM Spring Break Speakers and Moderators Include :

  • Keynote speech by Chris Winfield on Social Media Marketing
  • Keynote speech by SugarRae (Rae Hoffman) on SEO & Affiliate Marketing
  • Social media marketing and link bait expert Brent Csutoras
  • Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl) on Leveraging Social News for SEO
  • Li Evans on Building a Brand via Social Media
  • Search expert Carolyn Shelby on major SEO coding issues
  • Top Digg Power Account user ZAIBATSU !!!
  • Frank Watson (Aussie Webmaster) and David Szetela on Paid Search
  • Pam Lund from Bespoke USB on the business side of SEO
  • Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal Moderating on SEO
  • Jordan Kasteler (Utah SEO Pro) Moderating on Social Media
  • Dave Snyder of Search & Social Moderating on Affiliate & PPC Day

IM Spring Break will not be an event that you should pass up. We only have until March 1st to offer these tickets to you beautiful people at the price point of $500. So you only have 5 more days to purchase your tickets for IM Spring Break for only $500, DO IT NOW.

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5 Days Left to Attend IM Spring Break for only $500

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