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IDG & Quigo Launch TechWords : Tech Targeted Contextual Advertising

IDG & Quigo Launch TechWords : Tech Targeted Contextual Advertising

Besides the launch of Yahoo Tech Channel yesterday, the ability to pinpoint contextual advertising in tech channels beyond CNET and is growing; this time with IDG & Quigo’s TechWords.

TechWords advertising is available on IDG network sites including,,,,, and

Using Quigo’s AdSonar platform, IDG’s says that itsTechWords program is the first keyword-targeted, auction-based, pay-per-click advertising marketplace in an IT-focused content network.

TechWords enables IDG to create an auction-based marketplace for online text ads that are linked to contextually relevant editorial in the six IDG Web sites which have approximately 5.5 million unique visitors every month. AdSonar deploys industry-leading contextual and keyword-targeting technologies as well as sophisticated yield optimization tools to power the TechWords marketplace.

“We’ve built a premier auction-based advertising marketplace to enable marketers to effectively reach corporate IT buyers,” said Bob Carrigan, president IDG Communications. Carrigan added: “Quigo provides the platform for us to connect technology advertisers with buyers who rely on,,,, and for news and information.”

IDG’s TechWords may be purchased from IDG sales representatives, Quigo, ad agencies, or online at any of the six IDG sites in the US.

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IDG & Quigo Launch TechWords : Tech Targeted Contextual Advertising

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