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IceRocket Launches RSS Feed Builder

IceRocket Launches RSS Feed Builder

IceRocket Launches RSS Feed Builder

IceRocket is at it again! The search engine that brought the world a hip alternative to Google along with news, blog, and MoBlog search has just added an excellent tool for web site publishers, an RSS Feed Builder. IceRocket’s RSS Builder is an easy to use service to create RSS feeds for sites by providing a simple interface that lets you add topics, links and content, and then publish the RSS (v2.0) feed to your web server.

IceRocket Launches RSS Feed Builder For publishers, RSS is a great way to present information such as news, headlines, or updates. If a publisher is not using an instant RSS building tool (or not happy with their current RSS feed), IceRocket’s RSS Builder is the answer. I’m currently working with a company who’s news publication tool is quite outdated and they are actually creating RSS feeds by hand. Lot’s of copying, pasting, and time put into something that can easily be managed via a tool like IceRocket is offering.

Blake Rhodes, CEO of IceRocket adds “What I love about the RSS builder is that there is nothing to download. Personally, I absolutely hate downloading stuff on my PC because I never know what the heck it is or if it is associated with spyware. From ours, its all done on our site, no worries.”

IceRocket has recently been making some buzz, especially after Dallas Mavericks owner and Internet entrepreneur Mark Cuban invested in the search engine. Recently IceRocket added also added a Blog Search which makes it one of the first top to mid tier search engines that has opened its doors to blog searching. IceRocket also partnered with the Blog Search Engine to bring cell phone pic blogs, or MoBlogs, into the search engine world with a new search feature which produces image results of the latest MoBlogs images available.

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