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IBM-Yahoo Updates OmniFind Yahoo Edition

IBM and Yahoo have released a new version of their enterprise search tool with enhancements on customization and personalization of searches. Launched December last year, the OmniFind enterprise search engine which is a free application has been downloaded 25,000 times in a span of one year. Hence, it’s about time that IBM and Yahoo releases a new version with added functionalities and important improvements.

The new version of OmniFind Yahoo Edition (ver.8.4.2) boosts of new features which includes multiple collections, custom extensible meta-date fields, and result click through tracking.

Multiple collections let users configure up to 5 different collections of documents that can be independently searched. You can partition your data for search using these collections however you’d like.

Another new feature of OmniFind Yahoo Edition is the custom extensible meta-data fields. This allows you to define your own fields in the index and populate these fields with HTML meta tags. You can then extract document meta-data or directly through the push API and then search your custom fields. This feature has been the subject of hackers and so IBM decided to build the feature to prevent hackers from breaking into code of OmniFind.

Lastly, OmniFind Yahoo Edition now enables more powerful reporting capabilities. Two additional reports that tell users what the most clicked search result is and what searches most often result in no clicks have been added. This feature is very useful as it tells that search results with no click means that the users don’t have the content that searchers are looking for.

Additionally, the new version of OmniFind has also resolved reported bugs in the previous version.

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IBM-Yahoo Updates OmniFind Yahoo Edition

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