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IBM Blog Search & Tracking Software

IBM Blog Search & Tracking Software

IBM has launched a new blog search & trend tracking system for its corporate customers called the Public Image Monitoring Solution. At the starting price of $100,000 (according to influxinsights) “the entry of IBM into the marketplace is a clear indication of the importance companies are placing on internet reputation monitoring. IBM doesn’t yet have a tool that develops strategies to enable responses to changes in reputation, but that is surely just a matter of time.”

From the press release : The proliferation of blogs, news feeds, consumer review sites, newsgroups and articles published daily on the Web has created a phenomenon where public opinion about an organization spreads worldwide, faster than ever before. These sources are filled with insight from consumers, experts and competitors that can be analyzed and used by businesses to make better decisions on products, services and business strategies. This creates a tremendous opportunity for organizations to carefully monitor their image and more quickly address business opportunities, threats, quality concerns or changing public perception.

To help clients gain a real-time view of commentary and opinion about their business, IBM is delivering a new Public Image Monitoring Solution, a software offering designed with Nstein Technologies and Factiva, to allow organizations to analyze and make sense of commentary, issues and information affecting their brand, providing new insight into how they operate and make business decisions.

Companies can use the Public Image Monitoring Solution to track success of product introductions and marketing campaigns, to help determine focus areas for product and marketing improvements, and to conduct impact analysis by comparing consumer feedback and industry trends to actual sales data and marketing investments.

“Companies are seeking new ways to better understand how they are viewed by customers, investors and other stakeholders who have an impact on their brand reputation,” said Jon Prial, vice president, IBM content management and discovery. “This solution can help clients track and analyze the pulse of the public in real-time, allowing organizations to be more responsive and deliver better service to their customers.”

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IBM Blog Search & Tracking Software

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