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I Admit It – These Videos Taught Me a Few Social Media Tricks

I have been enrolled in the Market Motive social media online course for close to two months now.  Each week I have been given a social media topic and have been responsible for viewing a certain number of films which go into detail about the topic being taught.  There have been a wide range of social media topics such as a week dedicated to Twitter and another dedicated to Youtube.

Personally, going into the course I thought I was pretty familiar with the social media areas I was anticipating studying. I was excited to learn more of course, but didn’t have the highest of hopes. I honestly thought it would be nice to have a recap on the social areas I work with daily and after a few months of reiteration, I would obtain a certification to show off my knowledge.

I have to say my original thoughts were narrow minded. I have been continuously surprised at the insight I am gaining each week.  Until now, I have been responsible for watching videos each week and partaking in conference calls with the faculty.(The course takes a turn now and the responsibilities change but I will write about all of that in a few days). The videos have each had such detail. They are unique to the faculty members who make the videos and specialize in the areas they are teaching.

Video Topics

A small amount of the material covered

Blogging for Business

Permalinks, RSS feeds, key word longtail , pitching check list

Video & Youtube

Popular categories, channel, market share

Viral Marketing

Brand, conversion, campaign styles, viral themes

Social News Networks

Do’s and don’ts across various networks, strategies to becoming more successful on each


Appropriate business decisions, tools, connecting on and offline, tracking


Titles, tags, descriptions, search engines and Flickr


How to utilize Facebook for your business with Facebook connect and ads


Advertising on LinkedIn, groups

Online Press Releases

Wire Services, measurement, Keyword positioning










Market Motive resources that have been provided to me and that have impressed me throughout each week’s video viewings:

1) Examples of useful books to buy pertaining to the areas being taught that week which are based on social media current events and practices.

2) Informative commentary (humorous when applicable and serious when appropriate)

  • Current
  • Authoritative
  • Timely

3) Graphs

4) Tools that the faculty use and recommend

  • Seo plug ins
  • Twitter tools
  • Better headlines
  • Tracking your Brand

5) Viral Marketing Brainstorming Checklist

6) Pitching check list

Brief Video information for each week:

1)  Length of each video is provided

2)  2-7 videos necessary to watch each week

3)  Average 25 minutes per video

  • Viewings do not have a specific deadline but rather anticipated due dates which are flexible. They are listed as an ideal due date but it is up the student to get things done in a timely manner. Weekly meetings with the faculty help ensure that students are on track and are not missing any points.

4)  One Quiz to follow all videos combined for the week

  • The quiz each week is just for practice. A grade is assigned but does not count toward the overall grade. They are meant as preparation for the final exam and reiterate the material in the videos. The quizzes help make sure the students have understood what is being portrayed in the videos.
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I Admit It – These Videos Taught Me a Few Social Media Tricks

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