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Hurricane Katrina Catastrophe and Google Earth Satellite Images

Hurricane Katrina Catastrophe and Google Earth Satellite Images

The destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast, New Orleans and surrounding states has been, leaving me without words, atrocious. With every story I read of worthless members of society looting, murdering, and raping in a lawless New Orleans and the unnerving slow reaction by our government to protect the city and its inhabitants, possibly due to the area’s political affiliations or racial issues, I am left with a disgustingly nauseous feeling of shame. With every story of heroism or people opening their arms and homes to refugees I am honored to be human again.

Remembering the city of New Orleans, the culture, the alleys and mysterious steaming crypts of a womb of modern American jazz assembled by the African Carribean immigrants breathing the wind of macumba, voodoo and gosphel roots; will New Orleans ever be the same again?

These are the thoughts which ring though my skull after reviewing the destruction of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. I haven’t written about the Katrina blogs, the ad results on New Orleans Google searches, or any other relevant news due to the fact that the news is totally irrevlevant to the sufferage of the hundreds of thousands effected by the storm or the thousands of dead bodies floating in the town of levees. The levees have broken.

But, it should be noted that the search engine and the Internet portal is the modern media of this day and age and for those who are interested in viewing the catastrophe of our Gulf Coast for various reasons, Google has issued a set of satellite image overlays of Hurricane Katrina’s path and destruction. “The Google Earth team is working on adding imagery of the impact of Hurricane Katrina. We will be posting links to this imagery for viewing as “image overlays” in Google Earth.” The Google Earth Hurrican Katrina images can be downloaded at Hurricane Katrina Imagery. The American Red Cross is accepting donations online. More ways to help Hurricane victims. 20 things you can do to conserve energy.

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Hurricane Katrina Catastrophe and Google Earth Satellite Images

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