Hurricane Katrina Catastrophe and Google Earth Satellite Images

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Hurricane Katrina Catastrophe and Google Earth Satellite Images

The destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast, New Orleans and surrounding states has been, leaving me without words, atrocious. With every story I read of worthless members of society looting, murdering, and raping in a lawless New Orleans and the unnerving slow reaction by our government to protect the city and its inhabitants, possibly due to the area’s political affiliations or racial issues, I am left with a disgustingly nauseous feeling of shame. With every story of heroism or people opening their arms and homes to refugees I am honored to be human again.

Remembering the city of New Orleans, the culture, the alleys and mysterious steaming crypts of a womb of modern American jazz assembled by the African Carribean immigrants breathing the wind of macumba, voodoo and gosphel roots; will New Orleans ever be the same again?

These are the thoughts which ring though my skull after reviewing the destruction of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. I haven’t written about the Katrina blogs, the ad results on New Orleans Google searches, or any other relevant news due to the fact that the news is totally irrevlevant to the sufferage of the hundreds of thousands effected by the storm or the thousands of dead bodies floating in the town of levees. The levees have broken.

But, it should be noted that the search engine and the Internet portal is the modern media of this day and age and for those who are interested in viewing the catastrophe of our Gulf Coast for various reasons, Google has issued a set of satellite image overlays of Hurricane Katrina’s path and destruction. “The Google Earth team is working on adding imagery of the impact of Hurricane Katrina. We will be posting links to this imagery for viewing as “image overlays” in Google Earth.” The Google Earth Hurrican Katrina images can be downloaded at Hurricane Katrina Imagery. The American Red Cross is accepting donations online. More ways to help Hurricane victims. 20 things you can do to conserve energy.

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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  • Meyer Patrick

    Mr Bush doesn’t be abble to understand that the war in Irak was not important for the Americans. It was only for Imself and his family business. He didn’t take care of his country especially for the Hurricanes. What I want to develop is that experts were alarming the Presidents for decade about consolidating the dumps in new orlean to avoid such catastroph. It is dangerous to leave near the sea when the nature shows how is the master of the world, even the most powerfull contry is not able to stand the power of the nature.Whe must be humble and respectfull.

  • cimi

    mr bush what took sooooo loooong? would you want to see your family suffer as these people have? i have family there in the gulf area, i hope and pray that they are ok, but where were you and where was the help when it should have been there days ago? some of this may be too late……..

  • Coldfinger

    I am a 50 yr old Black preacher. Our primary agenda is NOT to bash Bush for bashing Katrina rescue. He’s been consistant with his message on our nation’s priorities… yet he was elected for a 2nd time. Somebody likes him. Who would have done a better job, the CHURCH? The church needs to work on getting itself together, with 20 20 member churches per sq mile. What a waste! And Bush didn’t quash the FEMA levy-building budget by himself. Katrina a WAKE-UP call to all USA cities. We are all 2 transformer explosions, a major bridge collapse, or a dirty bomb away from similar chaos. All cities need to be part a major inter-connected regional plan to work with adn support one another. And it needs to be developed before the next catastrophy. Finally, as potential victims, we all need to be trained in how to be rescued. There is a moral difference between using available food, water, supplies and medicines; and looting plasma TV’s. And don’t shoot at the hand that feeds you. Pray to God for mercy. [Just a voice in the wilderness]- Coldfinger.

  • Sharon Ellison

    I find people so ignorant to blame the President and goverment officials for people not being rescued. But being trained as an EMT-Basic all the way through becaming a Liciensed Paramedic you are always taught that your safety comes first. If I get injuried it is another patient and I will take priority over the others. So… it is a little hard to rescue people with the Coast Gaurd, Reserves, Police, State Police and military are being shot at. Blame the thugs……..Not goverment. Or better yet… get off your butt and go help us… the ones who put our live on the line for YOU!!!

  • Lea

    If we are not on this earth to band together and help each other….ALL OF US….then what purpouse do we have? It tears my heart out to see what’s happening in this country.

  • Amin

    i like the google earth

  • charles petit

    I have listened to the people who left prior to the storm voice their relief that they made it to safety. When asked if they had any loved ones unaccounted for, all said yes.When question by the interviewer as to why there loved one was not with them,they all said that they “begged for them to leave”. There loved one told them that they “wanted to ride the storm out”,or “the storm wasn’t going to be that bad, or “New Orleans had been warned before and nothing ever happened”.One more thing,Jesus is coming to,in the twinkle of an eye,are you ready for that one to?You won’t be able to say that you didn’t know about that one either,will you? He stands at the door and knocks,let Him in. P.S. let your loved ones know that He is coming also.

  • Aurora

    Please do not blame the first responders, NOPD, NOFD, etc. for abandoning their posts so soon after. How do you help others when your own home,neighborhood is gone. They are not robots but flesh and blood people just as you and me. At this time their thoughts and worries were for their own families, friends, homes and neighborhoods and as it should be. And to the looters, I hope the photos and camera shots of you, broadcasts all over the world, haunt you till you last days. God Bless all first responders and Godspeed!

  • Gammon Chapman

    Like others, I too have many family members located in and around New Orleans some are accounted for while others family members are unknown. I’ve also served my country for 20 years active duty and now retired U.S. Army. I believe that there is a time and place for everything. Right now should not be the time for us to point fingers and lay blame. What is needed the most is for us to stand tall; together as proud Americans that we are. As challenging as it might be, we need to adapt and overcome while setting a side our personal feelings. Keep in mind that we the people voted our leaders in office and it’s now time for us to show our support without prejudice regardless whom we did and did not vote for. This is just another reason why it’s so important for us to get out and vote. We all know that we cannot bring back yesterday, so what’s done is done. We should try to remain positive and focus as a country and live and learn while moving forward towards a better tomorrow. For those Americans whom feel that they could have done a much better job, I challenge you to run for office and take the bull by the horns. For every situation there is a solution, so at the end of each day let’s ask ourselves, “what have I physically done for the good of my country today or did I just sit back and point fingers all day?” My final thought is to LEAD, FOLLOW, or GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY!

  • Will McCaffrey

    Why do you only promote Red Cross, The Salvation Army runs circles around them. I am a victum of the floods out west this year and the Salvation Army did ALL THE RELIEF WORK> THE RED CROSS SHOWED UP LATE AND STAYED 4 family is in mississippi and they say REd Cross just showed up. Salvation Army lost all buildings on the coast and were out the next morning. NOTICE THE RED CROSS NEVER NAMES THE EVENT(disaster) THEY ARE COLLECTING FOR BY NAME.THIS IS SO THEY CAN USE MONIES WHERE THEY CHOOSE. PUT SALVATION ARMY AS A CHOICE!shame on you

  • Loren

    No shame on me Will, why don’t you point us in the direction of where to donate instead of pointing shame.

  • beniamazoni


  • dominick marcott

    how is that some pepole cry and moan about reaction times being top long when appparently you didn’t get off your butt and get down there to help so lets lambast anybody; somebody just to take care of our own inadaquaces! WAKE UP

  • andre

    the mistreatment of the poor didn’t just start last week. For nearly 50 years the Government has been trying to do people, what the people should be doing for themselves. Had I been one of the seemingly healthy men at the evacuation centers, I would have taken my young child and wife and walked behind the news crew trucks right out of Downtown New Orleans. I would not have been there chanting “We need help”, no, at a walking pace of 2 mph, I could have easily put 20 to 30 miles distance between me and God Awful convention center. God gave us the ability to do for ourselves and that’s the lesson.

  • Jim

    The constitution protects states rights. The federal government has no business playing a direct active role in any state unless the state invited the federal government. I see no concern raised about the Mayor of New Orleans or Governor of Louisiana. I noted a quote from the Mississippi FEMA counterpart — she was quite pleased with the federal response. It appears the difference in experiences falls to Louisiana’s elected officials.

  • D. Breteau

    Thank you for the insight about the Salvation Army ..that will certainly change who I donate to…to the salvation army it is.

    Please answer this…as I do not know first hand..I heard that the city of NO has put up for election a tax that would benefit the structural support of the levees…and the public voted it down this true???