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HP Releases Linux Laptop, Hails Linux

HP Releases Linux Laptop, Hails Linux

HP Releases Linux Laptop Compaq nx5000

Hewlett-Packard (HP) released the Compaq nx5000 to rave reviews yesterday. The Compaq nx5000 is the first HP notebook to come with the Linux operating system preinstalled.

“Linux is a key part of the HP Adaptive Enterprise strategy as it is central to HP’s unique approach to IT standardization,” said Martin Fink, vice president, Linux, HP. “Today’s announcement of our expanding Linux customer base, new products and services, along with the world’s first notebook PC pre-installed with Linux, marks our continued momentum in the Linux market and with our customers.”

The HP Compaq nx5000 business notebook PC will give mobile professionals the flexibility of Novell’s SUSE Linux and come equipped with OpenOffice, CD-R/RW support, DVD and media player, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

TechTree adds “Linux has had less success on the desktop even though it has proved popular as a server operating system. HP is one of the major laptop vendors to launch a non-Windows notebook and other vendors are expected to follow in the near future.”

It is not proven that open source Linux OS computers sell well, although the servers are at top demand by most of the online industry. Nick Farrell from the Inquirer reports “Apparently the notebook is targeted at small companies who don’t have a heavy investment in Vole technology. An HP spokesman said that desktop Linux was an emerging opportunity, and it wants to be there as the leader.”

Ferrell adds “However, this might be wishful thinking. While Linux is doing well in the server market, it has not really made much of an impression on the desktop market yet.”

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HP Releases Linux Laptop, Hails Linux

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