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Howard Stern Prefers Yahoo Over Google

Howard Stern Prefers Yahoo Over Google

On the day when Howard Stern was dumped by four of Citadel Broadcasting’s radio stations due to plugging Sirius Satellite Radio, he also made a nice little plug for Yahoo after commenting on Sunday’s 60 Minutes Google “Infomercial.” Gary Price picked up the conversation on Howard and his love for Yahoo search and also found a rough transcript from

“Howard talked about this report he saw about Google and how great it is to work there. There are people who work there who are worth millions or more. He said the funny thing is that they pretend to be poor for some reason.

The guys who started the web site still drive around in ratty cars and pretend that they don’t have billions. He said it’s like the more you can act like you haven’t made it, the better you are. Howard said there’s not point to that then because they can’t use their money.

Howard said that he doesn’t use Google, he always uses Yahoo. Artie said someone punched his name into a search engine and it was the most depressing thing he’s ever seen. Howard uses Yahoo as the default search engine on his computer and he’s been using it for years.”

Stern was sent a $200,000 advertising bill from Citadel for all the plugs he’s been giving Sirius Satellite Radio on the air. There is no word of any bills being issued by Viacom (Stern’s current employer) over plugs of Yahoo. “Keep sending me bills. Like I’m going to pay ’em,” Stern said on his show.

Stern pulled off a major holiday promotion for Sirius Satellite Radio, giving away an estimated $2 million worth of gifts. He’ll be moving away from Clear Channel and on to Sirius Satellite Radio in a multimillion dollar deal.

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Howard Stern Prefers Yahoo Over Google

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