Widget Linking – How Real Estate Agents are Helping Zillow and Trulia Rank [Infographic]

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Ranking well in the SERPs is difficult enough to do organically, especially against brands more recognizable than your own. But what about when those larger sites in your vertical are actually getting you to do the work for them?

Many unknowing agents in the real estate field may already be helping Trulia and Zillow to outrank their own smaller, independent sites without even knowing it.

This infographic is a companion piece to the original article posted on Real Geeks which explains how it’s happening, and what real estate agents can do about it. Widget linking or “predatory linking” has been an issue in SEO for years – whether that predatory linking be in the form of Hitcounters or even Zombie Widgets.

How has this influencing the rankings of the Trulia and Zillow giants, and what does this mean for the innocent real estate agent who believes that they are adding value to their own site?

Looking forward to hearing the conversation!

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