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As of today, there has been an interesting update coming from Tweet publishing Tool Buffer. The app was reviewed here on SEJ a few months ago. It allows you to add tweets to your Buffer which are then posted at conveniently spread out intervals throughout the day. So you can add a lot of tweets in one sitting without drowning your followers in a flood of tweets.

One of the pitfalls mentioned by readers was the lack of a fully fledged Firefox plugin they could use to Buffer tweets from anywhere on the web.

The team has been busy and published the fully functional Firefox add-on today. You can download it from inside the App, or if you’re already a Buffer user you can download it from here.

The Features

The new add-on boasts a set of interesting features, which are already available for the equivalent Chrome extension and Safari extension.

  • You can Buffer tweets from any webpage by clicking the Buffer icon

Buffer FireFox

  • You can Buffer Retweets from inside

Buffer firefox

  • Use the keyboard shortcut “ctrl+alt+b” to bring up the Buffer Box
  • Highlight some text on a page and then click the Buffer Button to make it into a Tweet

The recent feature add-ons with Buffer make for an even simpler sharing experience. Co-Founder Leo Widrich stated that “It is our goal to make genuine, optimised sharing on Twitter from anywhere on the web even simpler. The creation of the Firefox add-on is hopefully a big step towards sharing from no matter where you are online”.

You can give Buffer a go here: BufferApp.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • Thanks for sharing such information. I guess Buffer would be really helpful in future on twitter.

  • Thanks a lot for the post Ann, much appreciated. If anyone has any questions, please let me know. I hope you enjoy Buffering 🙂

    • Great Post! Thnx for sharing the useful information about the buffer app. I used this app and find it’s so useful and make are work so easy. It’s Automatic scheduling rocks. Keep on going! Love it. 

      • Hi Ann, thanks for the post, my favorite feature is the Analytics. Do you know any other free apps that have the analytics feature apart from Buffer App?

  • Nice. I now moved my buffer app from my Bookmarks Toolbar to my Add-on Bar which isn’t so crowded.  Great option to retweet right from inside Twitter even though I spend most time on HootSuite.

  • Thanks you! Very nice post again. You always have so clear and detailed guides.

  • very useful) as usually although.. thanks a lot!

  • It does not work with FF 3.6.18

    • Right. It´s a big no-no for me if it doesn´t work from the browser and it does OT work from FF 3.6.18

  • Ah, spoke to early. Just upgraded firefox to 5.0.1 and it works great. Great app by the way. Haven´t tried it yet but been looking for something alike that let´s you just post with a fixed schedule in stead of scheduling event post like in many Twitter management tools (I mainly use Hootsuite) which is quite a pain. For monioring Hootsuite is great, but not for posting.