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How to Submit your Site to Yahoo News

How to Submit your Site to Yahoo News

With the rise of blogging and low cost content management systems also comes the rise of news publications and the need for content syndication. Yahoo News is by far the most popular online news aggregator and search engine in terms of daily usage.

The main stories on the Yahoo News front page are powered by content partners, and internal search stories are served via the Yahoo News index. Similarly, Google News serves front page results from sites it deems news authorities, and internal results are based upon search relevancy and story timing.

Question is, how can one list their news site in such a valued source as Yahoo News?

Submitting your news site to Yahoo News is a little more old school than one may think. Yahoo News uses a News Source Submission Form which asks for information like news topic, RSS feed and geographic location.

Personally, I’ve seen jumps in referrals here at Search Engine Journal from Yahoo! News reach 5,000 a day dependent on news story, search terms, timing and whether or not Yahoo Search lists those topical stories as a Yahoo Search Shortcut or not.


Featured Image: lucianmilasan via Depositphotos


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