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How to Spam Digg Comments, by Neil Patel

Neil Patel of Pronet Advertising takes the time to remind us all that’s homepage is not the only traffic driver on the social news site. Participating in comments and adding a link to a site as a resource or rebuttal to a posted story is also a good way to get traffic from Digg.

I hope you all find humor in the title of this post 🙂

From Neil’s post, There Is More to Digg than the Homepage:

If you are the first to comment on a story that reaches the homepage and you link back to your website within the comments area, you will notice that it can drive a few hundred visitors. So if you want to get a few hundred visitors by commenting on these social sites, here is what you do:

1. First find upcoming stories that have the potential to reach the homepage, are related to your site, and have little to no comments.
2. Then you want to read the story and make sure you have something useful to say.
3. If you have something worthy to say and can relate it to a page on your website then you can try to comment and add a link to your website.

And no, you do not have to actually SPAM to benefit from comment participation, as commenting on blogs is also a very efficient way to get traffic, build your reputation and network with others in your field.

Jacob Wyke (who just got himself a nice link and maybe some traffic as a result of his comment participation) adds a bit from his experiences:

A good comment that is in the first 10 on techcrunch for example has got me over a 100 hits before – and depending on the audience your blog is aimed towards your more likely to get relevant people visiting than on Digg.

Unless your relying solely on the number of eye-balls for advertising then I think your better off getting 10 people from your target audience, who might subscribe and visit often, than 100 people who arent interested in your particular niche.

A little over a year ago I called out a company which was performing a lot of blog spam as part of their public relations practice and gave them some tips how to properly use comment participation in their favor, if you’re interested you might find this of interest : Quintura Search & Blog Comment Marketing – Spam?

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How to Spam Digg Comments, by Neil Patel

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