How to Smartly Interlink Your Blog Content with SEO Smart Links

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Interlinking your sub pages is a great way to both improve your rankings by using keyword-targeted anchor texts and also increase the crawl rate and depth (as well as click-through).

While linking to your older articles when writing the post manually is a must, taking advantage of some smart automation is also a good idea.

The best WordPress plugin I have ever seen that does smart, automated and highly customizable interlinking is called SEO Smart Links.

SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog…

SEO Smart Links looks for keyword phrases that match the titles of your posts and pages (as well as categories and tags). These phrases are then turned into the links.

Let’s see it in action. The site that I’ve used it for is DailySEOTip because it has a lot of content from guest contributors which naturally should be properly inter-linked. You are welcome to browse the site and see how the pages are interlinked.

Now, let’s see all the options and features.

Option 1: Set Types of Pages to Interlink

First off, you can change if you want to link from posts or if you want to include pages as well (I chose posts).

Then you can set which types of pages you want to link to:

  • Posts;
  • Pages;
  • Categories;
  • Tags.

For tags and categories you can also select how many times they were used to be included in the interlinking scheme.

SEO interlinking options

Option 2: Ignore Keywords, Posts and Pages

You can exclude any keywords or pages from being interlinked:

  • Provide page IDs, slugs or names of the pages to be excluded;
  • Provide keywords you don’t want to be turned into internal links;
  • Provide direct URLs of the pages you don’t want to include:

SEO interlinking

Option 3: Set Limits of Links

To make sure there are not too many linked content on each page, it is a good idea to set the limits of links per page:

  • You can limit the maximum number of links SEO Smart Links will generate per post.
  • You can also limit maximum number of links created with the same keyword. Set to 0 for no limit.

SEO interlinking

You are done! Now, just hit save and go browse your site to see what has changed!

SEO interlinking

So simple, absolutely free and the whole process (from downloading to running the plugin) will take you no more than 10 minutes! No excuse for not trying it!

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project,
Ann Smarty
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  • Lexuz2Montana

    Great tool! Is there also such a tool for blogger?

    • Ann Smarty

      Not that I am aware of…

    • Sean Weigold Ferguson

      Although you could probably write one in a couple of days..

  • VitaminCM

    I just tried it. You're right, it took me about 3 minutes.

  • Hesham @ FamousBloggers

    I have seen people using it, and I am sold!

  • malcolm coles

    Ann: I've had two questions about this sort of plugin for a while. Maybe you know the answers …
    1) Where you have an existing link, will this plugin override it? Imagine if in a blog post I'd manually linked the phrase “some newspapers do X” to an old post. Then I set this up to link the word “newspapers” automatically to my tag page. What would happen to my original manual link? Would the newspapers now link to the tag and the other words stay as I'd linked manually? (This would be a bit odd, obviously) Or something else?!
    2) And what about where you have similar tags? I have a “newspapers” tag and a “newspapers on twitter” tag. If I set it up to link those words automatically, how would it handle the conflict between wanting to link the word newspapers to one place but the phrase “newspapers on twitter” to another place?

    • Ann Smarty

      1) I believe that it could… but in the possible situations you should re-think your tagging, I think, because they needn't overlap with post titles.

      2) As for similar tags, the only way to get around that problem is to interlink most popular of them. Most of us have rather broken system of tags (I for one keep forgetting which ones I use), so it only makes sense to promote those that have at least XX number of posts (e.g. 5 posts tagged with some term).

      Hope, that helps.

      • malcolm coles

        On (1) that's probably a bit hard to achieve! (I write about newspapers a lot, so I have post with newspapers in the title – but also a newspaper category. The same is true of Twitter – I have lots of posts with twitter in the title, and a twitter category). And on (2) I'm actually quite good about not overusing tags, but I do have some subsets of my main categories with similar names (so a twitter statistics tag in my twitter category, and both newspapers on twitter and paid newspaper links as tags within my newspapers category). I think maybe I'll stick to doing it manually.
        Having said that, I was thinking of abolishing tags and changing them all to categories, as I'm not sure the distinction is clear to most people …

  • Dorian

    Do you think its worth while to auto-link to your categories? Looking at the dailyseo-tip site. You have links to all the category pages in the sidebar… then you have the auto smart links to some categories within the posts.

    I know we can debate about a within-content links vs. a sidebar link…. but I generally avoid linking to the same URL more than once on each page.

  • Virtual Assistant

    Interesting points. Thanks for sharing. I do most of my blogs with blogger though. I just hope blogger has this tools.

  • Sharma Infoway

    Yes and effective interlinking can help reduce the amount of time a user spends trying to find items on your web site.
    And proper interlinking on B2B websites can help from an SEO perspective.
    Thank you Ann for sharing wonderful information.

  • SocialNetworkingCompany

    great! It actually takes so little time and makes your life easier ūüôā
    Thanks for the post!

  • Brett Burky

    Genius. I was wondering how people could remember all of the posts they did and interlinking them like that. Always seemed like you had to have a wonderful memory of everything you ever did. Not anymore! Sweet, thanks Ann.

  • Alysson

    I haven't used the SEO Smart Links plugin, but I have used SEO ROI's “Internal Link Building” plugin ( and I've been very happy with it. What I like about the plugin is that you can specify the exact keyword/keyword phrase and destination page(s), as well as the number of times within a single page the term will be converted to a link (i.e. if you mention Twitter 12 times in a post, you don't necessarily want every mention to link to the destination page…).

    The other thing I like about that particular plugin is that it incorporates a settings box into the backend post pages. Thus if you're writing a post about WordPress plugins, you can specify keyword terms for the page right then and there. Inputting the specific term(s) then creates internal links from other posts/pages automatically from the other pages upon which those terms already appear within the content. Very handy!

    • mmangen

      Alysson – I may try out the plugin you suggested as well. I just installed the one mentioned in this post – seems pretty good though it appears I have to do some more customization on the setup side just due to some of the terms that are pulling through. Maybe the one you mention will be easier for me to configure so what links is better than the other one. In either case – I love this tool for assisting with automatic linking!

  • GHot Tips

    I really like Vladimir plugin as I use his themes also, that i use in
    Really master SEO and thank you for this valuable information.

  • video seo

    hello friend i really happy to look this site's seo idea and flow there tips, get more help!

  • nat

    wow women commenting are almost 50%, why are women lately interested on SEO and stuff. about the topic, I'd like to ask, what are the risks of hurting SEO instead of helping by using this tools, i think that with caffeine nowadays, we can never talk about a SEO strategy witouth talkin about the risks, every seo strategy is now dangerous if done wrong, when i started to learn about seo all i read was beautiful but its not as simple as that

  • adamheaton

    Had no idea about these plug-ins (1 mentioned in the posts by Alysson), going to give them a try and see how it goes, wish me luck.

  • photoshop3d

    This is the best thing to come out since blog posting software

  • Frank Marcel

    This WP is really interesting. One improvement would be to set this max 3 links per page to prioritize linking to posts, rather than categories or tags. So if no 3 posts were a match for a link, only then categories and tags come into play.

    Usually, categories and tags are a single word, which is much easier to link, while posts are long phrases, however much more interesting to link to.

    Nice post, nice plugin!

  • Frank Marcel

    This WP is really interesting. One improvement would be to set this max 3 links per page to prioritize linking to posts, rather than categories or tags. So if no 3 posts were a match for a link, only then categories and tags come into play.

    Usually, categories and tags are a single word, which is much easier to link, while posts are long phrases, however much more interesting to link to.

    Nice post, nice plugin!

  • Richard Cummings

    I use SEO Smart Links all the time. It is an amazing little tool to automatically interlink your posts flawlessly. I also always use the text file to add keywords for articles because often the article title does not fit within the sentence. It’s great to see other people love this tool too.


  • Istiak Rayhan

    Undoubtedly it is the best plugin for interlinking. If someone wants to do manual interlinking he/she may use Insights WordPress plugin.

  • The tech ideas

    I tried it a lot but did not get success on my website, can somebody tell me the possible reason ? I have same settings as ann smarty said…

  • Malhar

    I guess the premium version allows limiting the number of links but the free one doesn’t. And that could be dangerous since Google considers more inter-linking as spam.

    So be careful how you use it!