How to SEO FireFox Right Click Context Menu

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The FireFox context menu is one that appears when you right-click on any page in the browser window.

By default, you are given the following menu options:

  • Select any plain text area and right click:
    • Copy;
    • Select All;
    • View selection source.
  • Select a linked text area:
    • Open in a new window;
    • Open in a new tab;
    • Bookmark this link;
    • Save link as;
    • Send link;
    • Copy link location;
    • Copy;
    • View selection source;
    • Properties;
  • Right click on an image:
    • View image;
    • Copy image;
    • Copy image location;
    • Save image as;
    • Send image;
    • Set as a desktop background;
    • Block images from [this domain];
    • View selection source;
    • Properties.

Here are a few tips to make your browser context menu more feature-rich (keep in mind that you should try to pick a few tools you will find most useful as too many options on the list will waste your precious time).

Add More Search Options:

I have already listed a few addons and tools that add more search options to your context menu:

FireFox search plugins: just add your favorite search engines to the plugins and you will be able to use the active one via the context menu:

Search plugins

Here is the list of great search plugins useful for SEOs and web geeks.

Search the highlighted word using Google advanced operatorsadvanced dork:

Advanced Dork

Run Quick On-page Keyword Research:

Search Status adds the option to highlight any word throughout the page as well as calculate its density.

SEOquake also has this option but it is not so fast to access.

Get More Options for Page Source Analysis

There are quite a few addons for exploring a page source, my favorite two are:

Firebug, that has numerous features, lets you “inspect” any page element in the context menu: right click on any page element and the tool will open the source code and highlight this element in the code. Additionally, you will even be able to see CSS rules applied to the element.

View page chart that has released FireFox-3-compatible (experimental) edition. The addon opens in the new tab and presents a “prettier” version of the source code which is easier to analyze:

  • Graphically displays HTML tag boundaries;
  • Graphically defines tag nesting order, structure and hierarchy;
  • Adds a simple but powerful user interface to source code.

Source code chart

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  • Jen

    Brilliant, just what I was looking for!

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    Special thanks for that tutorial!

  • Dan

    The title pulled me into this article. I was intrigued.
    SEO Firefox’s right click context menu?
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimize.
    You don’t SEO browsers. You SEO websites. You are just explaining how to add page search plugins to the context menu, it is nothing to do with SEO … and firebug also has nothing to do with SEO.

  • Dan

    Don’t get me wrong – good article – wrong title

  • Greek

    Nice guide πŸ™‚

  • Timothy Livian

    Great set of tools!

    Web Developers Toolbar is great for check out ALT & TITLE tags

    Some people like YSlow for Firebug although not a favorite of mine, but something useful to add to the tool kit for people that like a little adventure.

  • WebCatalyst

    Thanks for this nice tutorial

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    Golden mine of useful tools πŸ™‚

  • Keri Morgret

    To help organize everything and remove menu options you don’t need, the Menu Editor extension for Firefox is helpful.

    I use it to remove the open in new window option, so I always open in a new tab. It’d be handy to use when you add all of these extensions and their options, too.

  • CAP Digisoft Solutions Inc.


    Already there has been so many options are being provide by FireFox, when we keep on adding more of this, will it not make dissatisfied with the right click content menu being displayed.

    Because i have used a lot of this and it looks so bad when i right click. So i have removed most of the addon’s.

  • Miami Beach Interactive

    I feel that SEO Quake is obtrusive on the google search results… the stats that they give under each listing are unclear and make it harder to read

  • Ann Smarty

    Actually, SEOquake can be configured to show you as many / few results as you want πŸ™‚