How to Search Twitter – the Advanced Guide

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Ann Smarty
How to Search Twitter – the Advanced Guide

You might be tired to see Twitter-related posts every single day but this shouldn’t prevent you from using the tool. To network using Twitter or not – is up to you. There are still many people who just don’t get the very idea of telling others what they are doing. What’s definitely should be taken into account: Twitter is a great marketing tool that can help you understand your audience and keep track of hot trends in your industry.

Now, to do that effectively, let’s look at how to search Twitter properly:

Use Twitter (advanced) search (formerly Summize):

Actually, Twitter advanced search feature is really unique and should not be taken lightly. Among pretty traditional options (exact match, language based, etc), there are quite innovative parameters: search by emotional coloring or sentence semantic structure.

Let’s overview briefly what we can do with Twitter search:

  • Date-specific search: find posts sent since / until the specified date (YYYY-MM-DD): [seo since:2008-06-25].
  • Emotional color and semantic structure search:
  • Search for useful resources – i.e. links to related pages: [seo filter:links].

SEO filter links

Use Twitter Search Tools:

  • style=”font-weight: 400;”> (as the name suggests) keeps track of all twittered hashtags (#). The tool also trends each one and shows you most popular ones:

Analytics for SEO

  • lets you explore relations between different Twitter hashtags as well as monitor trending and popular hashtags
  • TwChat allows you to monitor and archive various Twitter hashtags
  • WhatTheTrend is another useful search tool that tracks and explains Twitter hashtags
  • Trendsmap puts Twitter search on the map
  • TagBoard searches for any term on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram simultaneously
  • All My Tweets style=”font-weight: 400;”> lets you search for your own tweets
  • Social Bearing searches for any keyword and offers some handy analytics for your query

Social bearing

Are there any other Twitter search tools I am missing here? Please share in the comments!


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