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How to Search for a Term Misspellings on eBay

We have discussed recently the benefits of using misspellings in PPC or organic search optimization campaigns. Much earlier before that I’ve also looked at a few tools suggesting common term typos.

One mentioned downside of those tools is that they generate typo lists randomly or based on grammatical rules rather than the user behavior (well, except MSN keyword mutation tool which claims to “[display] common misspellings or alternative spellings of the user’s input keywords that are frequently found in search query logs”).

So to have some insight on how real people might mistype words it may make sense to look at user-generated content. The first tool that comes to mind that processes huge volumes of user-added content and is market-oriented is eBay of course.

Besides, there are a number of tools that will help you search for misspellings on eBay:

  • FatFingers searches for various international eBay versions: choose the local eBay site you want to search, type your term and hit “Search”. eBay search results will open in a new window / tab.
  • TypoBay is a similar tool allowing to choose eBay local site from the drop-down list.
  • offers a handy advanced search allowing to exclude any terms from the search and also search product descriptions.

Ebay misspellings

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How to Search for a Term Misspellings on eBay

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