How To Repurpose Your Infographics To Get Secondary Marketing Value

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How To Repurpose Your Infographics To Get Secondary Marketing Value

Infographics. Some people argue that they’ve been overdone while others continue to see the value that they can offer in their niche. For those those aren’t familiar with infographics it’s the process of taking a complicated concept and simplifying it into a well design and laid out graphic. The SEO benefit is that at the bottom of the infographic you can include a block of html code that allows your sites visitors the opportunity to re-post the infographic on their website. Each repost includes a link back to the original infographic source which offers SEO value.

Are You Getting Secondary Value From Your Infographics?

A special thank-you to my client (a printing and direct mail company) for allowing me to share with all of you our way of getting secondary value from an infographic we released a couple months back.

After our initial launch of the “What Is Every Door Direct Mail?” infographic we published a press release on PRWEB, blasted it out to the Sonic Print mailing list and shared the post on all of their social media networks. We then followed up by manually reaching out to industry bloggers in which a few more picked up and reposted the infographic.

After the initial hype of the infographic died down the marketing director over at Sonic Print had a fantastic idea that I can only wish I came up with. They decided to take the infographic and print it out as a physical brochure. You can see photos below of the final product.

what is everydoor direct mail

Secondary Value Doesn’t Have To Be SEO Value

Steven Lacks, the Marketing Manager at Sonic Print has a lot of industry contacts as well as contacts directly at USPS who pioneered the EDDM program. Our plan is to ship each and every one of them a copy of this “What is Every Door Direct Mail” infographic brochure.

Will this secondary campaign increase the amount of links back to Possibly, but that’s not the primary goal here. We are running a holistic marketing campaign in which SEO is only on part of the marketing effort. By repurposing this infographic we are able to get the brand in front of a lot of important people within the printing and direct mail marketing industry. This may not offer direct SEO value but the press and brand building opportunity is fantastic. Increased brand exposure can lead to new leads and new sales which ultimately is the most important metric regardless of the marketing effort. This is just another example of how SEO can add secondary value outside of “Google traffic”.

Further Increasing Value

The brochure images you see is the first production. In a second run of prints we have implanted a QR code that sends the user looking for a digital copy of the infographic to the blog post. Not only will this increase visits and leads to the website but it could potentially lead to other sources picking up and republishing the infographic. This essentially took a “one-time” marketing effort and turned it into an “evergreen” marketing effort.

What Does Your Company Offer That’s Unique?

Sonic Print is a full service print and direct mail marketing company. It was only natural for them to print their marketing materials and transform it into an easy to ship item. This is a competitive advantage that Sonic Print has. Does your company have a an opportunity to offer their overall marketing strategy an advantage? Some of the best marketing efforts are ones that have never been done before. As you’ve now seen – you can even take something that’s been “overdone” and turn it into a completely unique and value adding campaign!

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Nick Leroy

Nick Leroy

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  • Sam Mazaheri

    Heads up, this post is missing the pictures 🙂

    • Nick LeRoy

      I sent them an e-mail minutes after the story published about the pictures… alas.. 🙁

    • Sahil

      Great tips Nick! Infographics rich in quality content, designed creatively with illustrations is the easiest technique to explain even the complex of the complex things. Quality Infographics and its marketing does really have an impact on the creating brand awareness, user engagement and building user trust. For infographic service providers it can be an revenue generating machine when done well.

  • Kristina

    Infographics are linkable assests! Creating infographics for clients is still a very useful SEO tactic! Infographics are valuable for creating opportunities to: develop branding, self promotion, establishing authority on a topic, generating traffic, building links and ultimately increasing search rankings.

  • Carlo Borja

    Interesting idea, Nick!

    We love infographics too. We have a couple of them but we never really have thought of this idea. Just a question, how do you plan to distribute these hard prints? Have you already pre-collected information of your audience or are you distributing them on stores, etc?