How to Multi-Microblog : 2 Tools to Help You Spread Your Word

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Microblogging has been a hot topic recently. It has become a major source of news, a great way to find help and one of the new tactics to promote your business.

While I can find time for only Twitter, I know many people who are quite active at a number of micro-blogging platforms. How they manage to do that is up to them but if you want to spread your word throughout several services here is a cool desktop tool for you: Posty.

Posty let’s you micro-blog simultaneously at a number of platforms: Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Tumblr, Friendfeed and

Of course, if you are followed by one and the same person throughout a number of microblogging sites, this can be disturbing for him but you can still use the tool from time to time to alert all your followers of some really important news.


Posty is an Adobe Air application which runs on Windows (2000/XP/Vista), MacOsx (10.4.9 or more). Apart from some feature not yet implemented by Adobe, Posty is claimed to run also on Linux

FireStatus is a new experimental (i.e. you will have to login at Mozilla to install it) FireFox addon that lets you easily post simaltenuously to Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed. It also displays updates from these services in notification popups, for a more “live” communication with your friends.

That’s an easily customized handy “status update utility” located at the bottom of your FireFox:


Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • is another one that is really popular. It doesn’t have an Adobe AIR app like some others, but it does let you update from SMS, iGoogle, Email, or an iPhone App.

  • jeff

    but that is just for updating.
    Posty is more like a “suite” for microblogging, that you can use to track friends, reply, favor, search, etc.

  • ping also has a gtalk ID so you can ping your feeds with status updates by typing a short message. highly convenient, although, admitedly, not the same as writing an entire blog article.

  • @jeff thanks! Finally somebody who understood that Posty is not just for updating!

    Thanks also to Ann for the review.

    (Posty’s author)

  • It is a multi-world isn’t it. Once you put your word out, you may be interested in searching across many of those sites which is why Tweet Scan now searches across Twitter,, and several other smaller microblogging sites. We’re also starting to do User Search so you can find people where they are.

  • is my favorite, plus it does things like bookmark any url in the update at delicious when you set it up that way.

  • @Stephan Miller: I agree with the advantages you have with, even though we have many functionality added into Posty. But it can only be used to mass publish messages over different such websites.

  • Search engine browsers has little by little incorporating social media add-on features. Working on the internet and online advertising has never been really easier these days.

  • Micro-blogging is great for posting corporate news updates. We have a Facebook application integrated with our Moderation Platform that posts Tweeter feeds from Social Media content.

    It is a great Social Media Tool developed by Mynd Tech Management Services.