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How to Get Your Site Indexed on MSN Search

How to Get Your Site Indexed on MSN Search

While MSNBot crawls billions of web pages, not every page that we crawl is indexed. For a site to be indexed, it must meet specific standards for content, design, and technical implementation. For example, if your site’s link structure does not provide links to each page on your site, MSNBot may not be able to find all of your site’s pages.

Add MSN Search Box to your site – just like Google. Here’s how you can add MSN Search to your site to enable your visitors to search the Web or your site using MSN Search, just add the code shown here to your home page.

Submit your URL – If your site does not appear in the MSN Search results, you submit your site here.

About your site description – As the MSN Search web crawler MSNBot crawls your site, it analyzes the content on indexed pages and generates keywords to associate with each page. Then MSNBot extracts page content that is highly relevant to the keywords (often sentence segments that contain keywords or information in the description) meta tag to construct the site description displayed in search results. The page title and URL are also extracted and displayed in search results. Excellent content design and effective use of terms that target your message are the best ways to affect the site description that MSNBot extracts from your site. Effective strategies include:
1. Placing descriptive content near the top of each page.
2. Making sure each page has a clear topic and purpose.
3. Add a site description into the description meta tag

Guidelines for successful indexing – Use only well-formed HTML code in your pages. Ensure that all tags are closed, and that all links function properly. If your site contains broken links, MSNBot may not be able to index your site effectively, and people may not be able to reach all of your pages.

Full guidelines are available here. You may also be interested in Site Owner Help here.

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How to Get Your Site Indexed on MSN Search

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