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How To Get Links from Bloggers

Getting your story or content on Digg, StumbleUpon, or Fark can attract a lot of traffic and links to your site, but if you want that extra ooomph! in attracting quality links from blogs, sometimes a little hard work is in order.

Cameron Olthuis has laid out four tips on obtaining links from blogs using an old trick, asking them.

I admit, every once in a while I’ll sift through my emails and contact some well known bloggers asking for a link to or comment on one of my own blog posts, and usually, since I already have a trusted relationship with these people, it results in a link. And if they don’t link, I’m usually given a reason which results in some very nice constructive criticism.

Cameron’s Tactics for Asking Bloggers For Links:

  1. Get to the point : Most bloggers are swamped with emails as is, write a short and simple email getting to the point and asking directly for what you want; get the point, short and sweet.
  2. Make sure your content rocks : Do not email bloggers unless you are absolutely sure that your content is unique and very good. Otherwise you are wasting both your time and theirs.
  3. No reciprocal links : Bloggers don’t want to trade links, so don’t even bother asking.
  4. Ask only once : Don’t be like Mikey from Swingers and send out more than one email because you can’t wait for the link. If they don’t link to you tomorrow, maybe they will down the road. If you continue to send them emails they will probably get very annoyed and you can forget ever getting a link.

I would also like to add to this list:

  • Get to know the blogger first : Before you start sending out emails asking for links, be sure to read the blog, connect with them on MyBlogLog, email them beforehand, comment on their blog; that way, they’ll know who you are before you send the email request.
  • Write a compelling subject header : When I’m writing bloggers who I have not heard from in a long time or I know are busy, sometimes I’ll write my subject as “From Loren Baker, Search Engine Journal” – that way, people recognize me and if they don’t, they recognize my blog, and the chances are better that the mail is opened.
  • Don’t ruin a good thing : I send out emails to bloggers maybe once or twice a month and these are people I know well in the industry. Don’t overwhelm with a couple of emails a week, or an email for every post, you won’t make any friends doing so.
  • Give them recognition : Although Cam says “Do not ask for reciprocal links”, you should cover the posts and ideas of that blogger from time to time. This way, they’re sure to have visited your blog and should be appreciative of the coverage you’ve given in the past. That’s the only reason I write about Cameron, so he’ll link to me in the future 🙂

Any more tips on getting bloggers to link to you? Please share them below.

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How To Get Links from Bloggers

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