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How to Generate Leads in LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn Groups | LinkedIn Learning Center

Based on our previous posts, there are two ways to generate leads on LinkedIn: the direct and indirect approach. Now that you know how you can do inbound marketing through your company page, it’s time to learn the different ways to do it.

LinkedIn Answers

This is one of the most useful but under-utilized tools on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Answers is where people from your network ask a question about the business where they’re in. This helps your followers to get help, additional information, or some advice.

The good thing about this feature is that you can answer, offer help, or give advice to other users. This would help you establish your online presence as a thought leader in your industry, as you will be considered by your network as an industry-insider.

LinkedIn People

This feature is ideal for salesperson, job hunters, or those who want to establish a business-to-business connection. You can simply do a search in the upper right-hand box of your target company, and then it will show you a list of company.

By clicking each company page, you can see a box that shows your first and second connection. From there, you can invite other users to add you into their network, or ask a friend to introduce you to your second connection via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Groups

Joining LinkedIn Groups is another great way to generate leads on your company or landing page. However, you shouldn’t only join groups that are relevant to your niche. Be part of groups that are outside of your circle that might help grow your business.

For instance, you work as an editor in a publishing company. You don’t just join an Editor Group in LinkedIn; you can also be part of groups of other publishers, independent publishers and writers, online publishers, and aspiring writers. This could help you stretch your profile a bit, which could do your business good.

LinkedIn Applications

The Applications area is one of the interesting places that users can visit on LinkedIn. This is the section where you can add new and interesting applications that can help improve your followers’ user experience in the professional network.

Example of apps in LinkedIn is the automatic blog posts and poll creator. There are also apps that let your network know what business books you are currently reading. What’s good about this is that each application has an easy instruction on how you can implement it.

LinkedIn Mobile

LinkedIn also has a mobile application, which is ideal for making one-on-one contacts during an event. You can simply ask your prospect to turn his LinkedIn profile account via mobile, then bump your phones lightly. It will then transfer your contact information between each other through Bluetooth.

LinkedIn Direct Ads

LinkedIn Direct Ads works the same as Google’s paid search ads. It is the social media site’s advertising program that can drive traffic to your group page, company page, or landing page. All you have to do is write a headline, add some copy, and create a destination link. After setting a budget, you’re now all set.

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How to Generate Leads in LinkedIn

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