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How To Enable Adsense Reporting in Analytics for Multiple Websites (Links & Pictures)

The reporting features of Adsense and Analytics have improved a lot in the past year. By integrating both the Google tools you can see data that will be resourceful and productive. One primary condition to enable Adsense reports in Analytics is that, both should be of same Google accounts.

If you are not seeing any Adsense data in your Analytics account and you have already linked both the accounts, there can be several reasons for this kind of issue.

The following are some of the issues which can fix your primary issue:

  • Have you linked your Adsense account to the right Analytics account?
  • Have you placed your Analytics code on all your web pages containing Adsense code?
  • Are your accounts linked up 48 hours ago?
  • Are you comparing your GA data to Adsense only for content ad units data?
  • Are you showing Adsense ads through an ad server?
  • Are you using the “_udn” variable or the “setDomainName()” function in your Analytics code?
  • Are you calling a local cached copy of the Analytics code?

If any of the above reasons fit your issue, you can look at this Google Support forum for answers. But even after solving the above issues, if your issue is not resolved, then you need to check whether you Analytics profiles have been enabled for Adsense.

Basically, you may have multiple websites under one Google Analytics account. In order to integrate Adsense data with GA report, you need to make one website as the primary Analytics property. This integration is easy. The following are the guidelines for integrating Google Adsense and Analytics accounts for the primary property.

enable adsense

To link your AdSense account:

  1. On the Home tab, visit the Account settings page.
  2. In the “Access & authorization” section, next to “Google Analytics integration,” click edit.
  3. On the “Google Analytics integration” page, click Link next to the Analytics account that you want to link to your AdSense account. A new window opens and you’re taken to your Analytics account.
  4. In Analytics, click Link Accounts.
  5. In the dialog that appears, specify your primary Analytics property and Analytics profiles, then click Continue.

Your primary and secondary Analytics properties are listed under the AdSense tab and your AdSense and Analytics accounts are now linked. But the secondary profiles will not be linked up automatically use the above procedure. You will see the following screen, if your secondary profile is not enabled for Adsense.

To link up multiple profiles in your Google Account, you need to follow the following procedure.

1. Sign in to the Analytics account you’ve linked to AdSense.
2. Click the Admin tab at the top right of any Analytics page.
3. If you are not already on the “Account Administration” screen, click Accounts List.
4. Click the name of your account.

add name of the account

5. Click the Data Sources tab.
6.  Click the AdSense tab.

7.  Here you can see the primary and secondary Analytics properties or profiles listed which are nothing but your different websites listed under GA.
8. Now click the down arrow mark next to your website under “Usage in Analytics”.

rama 1
9. Now your website is profile is selected. Next to it there will be a link called “Code snippet”. Clicking on it will produce the following pop-up.

rama 2
10. You need to add the above code to the top of every webpage of your website that contains Adsense ads. I prefer to put this code just above the common GA code.


11. That’s it! Click on “Save changes “at the bottom.

This will make your Adsense report for your secondary profile displayed in your Google Analytics data

under Content tab on the left pane.

rama 3

Like this you can enable Adsense-Analytics integration for multiple profiles.


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How To Enable Adsense Reporting in Analytics for Multiple Websites (Links & Pictures)

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