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How To Create High-Impact Content In A Changing Landscape


In an era of user-generated, human-generated and machine-generated content, mistakes are increasingly costlier to make. Learn the ways to revitalize and future-proof your approach to content marketing with Purna Virji, globally recognized content strategist and bestselling author of “High-Impact Content Marketing”.

She and Loren will uncover the common mistakes content marketers make, and how you can avoid them as you plan your marketing strategy.

Tune in and hear strategies for creating genuinely inclusive and relevant content that audiences will actually want to consume, so your content strategy won’t go the way of the dinosaurs.

What we want to think about is what are we solving for. What roles do we play? How are we engaging with the audience and giving them what they are interested in, what they need, and what would be of value to them? – Purna Virji, 03:00

You always want to give your audience something to do next. It all comes down to this concept called backward design. – Purna Virji, 08:58

We found that we get the most social interaction and the highest quality traffic from social media. LinkedIn has just become the most engaged platform there is within social media, and it’s been a complete 360 over the past three or four years. – Loren Baker, 27:30

[00:00] – About Purna.
[02:41] – Strategies for intentional content creation.
[08:58] – How to ensure content effectiveness.
[14:41] – Best practices for content promotion.
[18:01] – How to create content for various audience awareness levels.
[20:13] – Importance of company representation in content marketing.
[23:41] – LinkedIn’s content promotion capabilities.

Resources Mentioned:

Take an idea before you even create the content and think about different ways you’ll use that idea. – Purna Virji, 17:13

The members on LinkedIn tend to see their time on LinkedIn as an investment in themselves professionally and personally. They’re here to learn, grow, share, and put their best foot forward. – Purna Virji, 30:18

Try to understand what makes you money and for that, who are the types of the cream of the crop? Customers who spend a lot are loyal are referring you to others. – Purna Virji, 03:53

Connect with Purna Virji:

Purna Virji, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a celebrated content strategist and marketer, currently the Principal Content Solutions Consultant at LinkedIn. Her career spans leading roles at Microsoft, and diverse experiences in social media, search advertising, and television, giving her a unique perspective on content marketing.

Recognized as an Adweek Young Influential and Search Personality of the Year, she’s also a top-rated international speaker and an advocate for women in technology. Virji is the author of the best-selling book “High-Impact Content Marketing,” showcasing her expertise and influence in the field.

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How To Create High-Impact Content In A Changing Landscape

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